Kashmir: Separatist & inimical forces plan to derail democratic process..

30 Dec 2020

This was the first major encounter with terrorists in Kashmir after the peaceful completion of the first-ever Distric

Nepal Faces the Threat of COVID-19..

09 Apr 2020

By VK Gaur

Delhi, April 09, 2020: 

Balakot - A Watershed Moment, But Don’t Stop There..

21 Mar 2020

The Balakot operation may not have stopped terrorists altogether. It may not have totally convinced Pa

India & Africa Set To Foster USD 70 Billion Bilateral Trade, Say Experts..

27 Oct 2019

  1. MIICCIA’s President Amb Anil Trigunayat highlighted India’s “umbilical connection” w

Indo-Japan Joint Military Exercise Dharma Guardian Begins in Mizoram..

20 Oct 2019

Japanese Army to Learn Counter-Terrorism Warfare from India in Mizoram's Jungle 

Kashmiri Separatism in Doldrums..

11 Oct 2019

With the separatists in doldrums, Pakistan has been divested of its political control in the Kashmir Valley, the resultant effect


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