INDIAN OBSERVER POST is a part of GOLDEN SIGNATURES RESEARCH & CONSULTING and a new media platform which provides Class News for Smart Indians.

INDIAN OBSERVER POST (IOP) is a Class, Creative, and Constructive News platform.

IOP believes in the unbiased News & Views based on Facts, Not Fake or Fiction.

We have created a Fact-Check Desk to detect and identify FAKE-NEWS coming to us for publication.

OUR MISSION: ONLY FACTS – NOT FAKE The issue of fake news has become very serious In India & the World.

It’s affecting Society, Social Fabrics, Law & Order, Politics & the Whole Nation. The increasing menace of Fake News is no longer a matter of occasional hoax now. There is growing evidence that fake news has the power to shape public opinion and even sway elections.

The first known example can be traced to The Mahabharat era, when Pandavas spread false news of the killing of Aswathama. When asked, Yudhsthir, who was known for his honesty and integrity, manipulated the issue and said, “Aswathama hato, Naro va Kunjaro”.

In present days, the history of Fake News is as old as the history of Media. Everyday various examples of Fake News can be seen not only in the Social Media platforms but also in the mainstream Media.

This is why; Google has launched an initiative called Google News Initiative (GNI) to curb this menace. The GNI is Google’s effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age.

Indian Observer Post has been part of the Google News Initiative’s Training Network in India, which is being implemented in partnership with DataLeads, BoomLive, and Internews.

Onkareshwar Pandey, the Editor in Chief of Indian Observer Post is a Google Certified Trainer and is now working actively towards creating a truth and fact based news environment in India.

Our mission is to fight against the menace of FAKE-NEWS by training individual journalists and institutions.


Use your Common Sense & Journalistic Sense.

Ask basic 5 Ws of Journalism - WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW & try to find the answers through all available tools and means.

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