CLIMATE CRISIS: Can We Reverse the Red?..

22 May 2022

Climate Crisis: Can We Reverse the Red?

Learning Model Aspired in NEP-2020 for Higher Education..

20 May 2022

The study reveals ancient universities of India like Takshashila, Nalanda, Vikramshila and Vallabhi as centres where holistic kn

Trans-disciplinary approach and collaborative action can help in realizing SDGs: Prof Hiroshi Sameshima..

20 May 2022

Atmiya University’s International Conference on Emerging Trends and Contemporary Practices held Successfully on 19-20th May 20

AU's International Conference on Emerging Trends and Contemporary Practices..

16 May 2022

15 Experts; 10 Countries; 120 Papers at Atmiya University’s International Conference <


15 May 2022

The Ministry of Textiles has introduced various new schemes for the benefit of the innumerable artisans across the length and th

After Chandrayaan, ISRO ready to Launch Shukrayaan-1..

14 May 2022

The main aim of Shukrayaan-1 mission is to study the atmosphere of the hottest planet in our solar system. Venus is known to hav


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