Modi Episode in Punjab: Will the wave convert in favor of the BJP+ alliance?..

12 Jan 2022

Jaibans Singh

The Election Commission of India, in a noteworthy press conference on 8 January an

‘Do You Have an Option to Abstain from Executing People’s Will Rahul Gandhi?’..

16 Aug 2020

AICC Secretary Challa Vamshi Chand Reddy wrote a hard hitting emotionally charged letter

MP: Floor Test Has Become A Farce, As We Witness Constitutional Anarchy..

25 Mar 2020

What the BJP has done in the recent past is to use

In Remembrance of Arun Jaitely..

27 Aug 2019

A Benchmark in Scholarship, Empathy, and Values 


Arun Jaitley's Last Article in Praise of PM Modi & HM Amit Shah ..

24 Aug 2019

PM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah Achieve the Impossible

EC to Revisit Clearance Given to PMO in Violation of MCC..

19 May 2019

By Rohit

Indian Observer Post

New Delhi, 19 May 2019: The Election Commis


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