Focus on Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship To achieve $10Trillion Goal: KG..

18 Dec 2021

DST-CII Technology Summit

India's Policy for Hydrogen as Future Energy ..

05 Jul 2021

At a time of the current energy crisis, environment degradation and the pressure of climate changes, which has ob

My Story-Rencontre with Covid-19..

08 May 2021

Oh God! It’s such a difficult time.My dear friend Manorama Bakshi, PGJMC, PGDM, MPH, MPA, Ph.D (H.C), who just rencontre w

Embrace Technology Much Faster Before India @75..

01 May 2021

Next year in 2022, when India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its independence, just after this

AI will Transform Education and Healthcare..

12 Dec 2020

World’s biggest problem is the world’s biggest business opportuni

WICCI launches Public Relations and Digital Marketing National Council..

29 Oct 2020

Kavita Lakhani to Lead WICCI Public Relations and Digital Marketing Council 



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