India’s Pathways to Adaptation and Resilience..

03 Mar 2022

In 2021 India witnessed multiple intense cascading risk scenarios. The year has unfolded to expose the challenges of a riskier w

How to save the country from Omicron?..

29 Dec 2021

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) director, Dr. Randeep Guleria, believes that the existing vaccines are effec

Second Wave of Covid and Partial Lockdown in Maharashtra..

15 Apr 2021

Second wave of Covid and partial lockdown in Maharashtra will impact on Indian Economy, recovery- could be dent around Rs. 50, 0

Reprimanding the Politics of Vendetta!..

16 Nov 2020

As evident, the Role of Press assumes crucial significance in this context which, indeed, lets the common man know as to what ex

COVID 19, Lockdown & Aftermath..

01 May 2020

By Yajin Bhatt

The lockdown as of now has thrown the life out of gear. Everyone is confined to

Shramik Special Trains to Move Migrants Stranded Due to Lockdown..

01 May 2020

These special trains will be run from point to point on the request of both the concerned State Governments



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