Scientists at ‘Bomb Factory’ Develops MRI Magnets to Eliminate India’s dependency on China..

23 Aug 2022

Good News for India's Healthcare

‘Easier done than Said’ – Dancing it out - Stupendous Sudhana Sankar’..

21 Jul 2022

The dancer Ms Sudhana captivated the audience with her immaculate performance for about

UK business leaders welcome Free Trade Agreement with India..

05 Mar 2022

FICCI-Grant Thornton Report ‘India in the UK: The Diaspora Effect’ highlights contribution of Indian diaspora i

Meenakshi Lekhi to Launch Logo of ‘REDIO’ which aims to Rescue Every Distressed Indian Overseas ..

18 Feb 2022

  • REDIO is a global umbrella organisation spread across all continents to counsel and help the overseas distressed Indians in coordination with In

The Oxford College of Engineering is developing a System to Monitor Structural Health of Trains..

02 Jan 2022

Dr. Preeta Sharan’s research lab is churning out several innovations silently

Indian Defence and Aerospace sector to become 5 lakh crore by 2047: Rajnath Singh..

18 Dec 2021

  • Govt working to increase current 209 items to 1,000 under the Positive Indigenization List


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