Mizoram University gets huge funds for its Several Projects
| Dr. Jyotsna Pandit, Thought Leader, Writer, Noida, UP - 06 Feb 2022

In the last four years, Mizoram University has garnered around 250-300 crores of Funds from DRDO, DST-DBT, ICMR, ICSSR and Ministry of DONER etc: Prof. K. R. S. Sambasiva Rao, VC

By Jyotsna Pandit

Aizawl, Feb 06, 2022

Special focus on research and innovation has gleaned an excellent outcome for Mizoram University (MZU). The MZU has garnered around 250-300 crores of Rs. funds for several Projects conceived by their faculties over the last four years from DRDO, DST-DBT, ICMR, ICSSR and Ministry of DONER etc. The MZU has got sanction of approx One Crore of funds for several Projects by their faculties in the last month only, said Prof. K. R. S. Sambasiva Rao, Vice Chancellor of Mizoram University (MZU) while talking to Indian Observer Post from Aizawl.

Established in 2001 and accredited ‘A’ grade by NAAC in 2019, Mizoram University, (A Central University) was ranked as one of the top 100 Universities in India,assessed by the NIRF rankings in 2016, 2017 and 2018 under MHRD. Spread over 978.1988 acres in an area on the outskirts of the capital city Aizawl, the Mizoram University in the last two decades of its existence has made considerable progress in terms of infrastructure, academic programmes, manpower and support services.

Prof. HT Lalremsanga, Dept. of Zoology, Mizoram University got sanction of DST-EMEQ Project and received Rs.50 Lakhs for his Project on Barcoding.

Also Dr Lalthakimi Zadeng of Physics department got sanction of DST-SERB Project and got sanction of Rs. 21.0 Lakhs.

Dr. Zodinmawia of Physics department got sanction of DST-SERB Project and got sanction of Rs. 28.0 Lakhs.

Prof. Loknath Mishra of Education has published a paper in Journal of Teacher Development Routledge Publishers (Taylor and Francis Group) (Scopus) (IF 1.5).

Dr. Lalhruaitluanga of Biotechnology published 2 Papers; one in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health (lF 2.145) (Scopus); and another in the journal of Gradiva Review (USA) (Scopus). Congratulations to Dr.Lalhruaitluanga.

Dr. P. Jayasekhar Babu of Biotechnology, MZU PUC campus published a paper in Polymer Bulletin (IF 2.87) (Scopus).

Prof.HT Lalremsanga of Zoology, published 2 papers; a paper in Zootaxa (Magnolia Press, New Zealand) (Scopus) (IF 1.091); another in Journal of Animal Diversity, published by Lorestan University Press (WoS and SCI), which are reports of New Species, also reported in News Papers of Northeast.

The fact is in the last four years MZU has garnered around 250-300 crores of Funds from DRDO, DST-DBT, ICMR, ICSSR and Ministry of DONER etc, said Prof. K. R. S. Sambasiva Rao, Vice Chancellor of Mizoram University (MZU) while talking to Indian Observer Post from Aizawl.

The DRDO-NEST Centre of MZU has been approved by DRDO and 8 Research Projects were sanctioned to Prof. N. Senthil Kumar, Prof. TK Hazarika, Prof. G. Gurusubramanian, Prof. Diwakar Tiwari, Dr. Himajyoti Dutta, Dr. Baby, Prof. NP Maity, and Dr. Reshmi Maity.  Mizoram University is doing several projects in collaboration with various DRDO labs and other institutions.

The DRDO has sanctioned an amount of Rs. 10.0 Crores towards establishment of Centralized Instrumentation Laboratory at DRDO-NEST Centre of Mizoram University with high instrumentation facility at Mizoram University on the initiative of Prof. Diwakar Tiwari and other members.

Prof.HT Lalremsanga of Zoology Department published 10 Papers in various journals; one in Zootaxa (Magnolia Press, New Zealand) (IF 1.09)(Scopus); One Paper in Herpetological Journal (British Herpetological Society, UK) (Scopus) (0.862); 5 Papers in Herpetological Review (Society for Study of Amphibians & Reptiles, USA)(Scopus) (IF 0.22); 3 Papers in Reptiles & Amphibians (The International Reptile Conservation Foundation) (SCI Journal). 

Almost every month Prof. Sambasiva Rao, VC of Mizoram University (MZU) congratulates MZU faculties for their achievements. In the last month only several faculties got VC’s Congratulatory messages for their achievements. Some of them are quoted here.

Dr.Prasanth Kumar Singh of Biotechnology PUC Campus, had published a paper in Microorganisms (Scopus) (IF 4.178).

Dr.Laldinliana of Commerce, had published a Paper in International Journal of Entrepreneurship (Scopus)(IF 1.040).

Dr.Manoj Kumar Verma of Library Science has published a Paper in International Journal of Information Science and Management (Scopus) (UGC Approved)

Mr. Lalbiakzuala, scholar with Prof.HT Lalremsanga, won 1st Rufford Small Grant from The Rufford Foundation, UK and got sanctioned an amount of £5,4710 Pounds for working on Snake Bite Management.

Dr.Joydeep Das of Chemistry department published 7 Papers in very good journals, Biocell (Tech Science Press) (IF 1.3); in Inorganic Chemistry Communications  (Elsevier) (IF 2.5); in Surfaces and Interfaces  (Elsevier) (IF 4.8); in Journal of FlatChem (Elsevier)  (IF 5.2); in Journal of Molecular Liquids  (Elsevier) (IF 6.2); in  Advances in Colloid and Interface Science  (Elsevier) (IF 13); and a book chapter in Springer Nature.

Dr.Amit Kumar Mishra of Botany, has published an article in Genes Journal (a Q2 JCR; IF-4.096).

Dr.Manoj Kumar Verma of Library Science published a paper in Journal of Information Discovery and Delivery (An Emerald publication) (IF1.94).

Prof.N. Senthil Kumar of Biotechnology had published a paper in Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics, a Springer Nature Journal (Scopus) (IF 0.57)

Prof . H. Lalramnghinglova of Environmental Sciences had published an article in Journal of Japanese Botany.

Prof. SK Mehta of Botany, had published a paper in Bioresource Technology (Elsevier) (IF 9.642). 

Prof.N. Senthil Kumar of Biotechnology along with his old associates published an article in Genes & Diseases (Elsevier, Science Direct) (IF 7.106).

Dr. F. Chanchinmawia of Dept. of Library & Inf. Sc. Published two Research Papers in Library Philosophy and Practices (LP&P) indexed in Scopus (IF 0.356) (USA).

Dr.S. Sarat Singh of Mathematics published an article in Mechanics of Advanced Materials and see Structures which has (SCI Journal) (IF 4.030).

Dr. Manjeet Singh of Chemistry, have published three papers in Colloid and Interface Science (IF 4.9, Elsevier, Scopus, SCI), one paper in Surfaces and Interfaces (IF 4.84, Elsevier, Scopus, SCI) and other one in International Journal of Polymer Science (IF 2.6, Scopus, WoS).

Vice Chancellor Prof. Sambasiva Rao congratulated all faculties for their achievements.  

The University has 33 functioning academic departments offering UG, PG, M. Phil and Ph.D. programmes under 8 Schools of Study. The University has 35 affiliated colleges and one constituent college and had admitted 3,036 total students in 2017-18 out of which 165 students were from other states and foreign countries. The University has 208 full time faculty and 76% of the faculty are with Ph.D. qualification.

“At Mizoram University, research, consultancy and innovation are regarded as our pillars of success. Most of the faculty members of the University are involved in research by attracting funded projects from various funding agencies. The outcome of the research is passed on to students through live projects from industries. The entrepreneurial zeal of the students is encouraged and nurtured. Our faculty teach students as liberal arts college model with research as a base for teaching and approach towards problem solving ability and societal issues in mind,” said Prof. Sambasiva Rao, Vice Chancellor of Mizoram University (MZU) while congratulating faculty members for their achievements.

Talking to Indian Observer Post, MZU VC Prof Rao said, “Mizoram University has introduced structured training programs on soft-skills and preparatory training for competitive examinations are offered to make students more employable and towards 100% placement. The entrepreneurship development activities and establishment of “Technology Incubation Centers” in the University extend full support to the budding entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas with innovation and creativity and establish an enterprise for knowledge transfer and wealth creation.”

Prof. Rao said, “We plan to establish a centre for Excellencies in biological, physical and social sciences in collaboration with lead centres from India and abroad. We are developing a model to give the Mizoram young community international exposure.”

 “We soon collaborate with National Institute of Health, National Honors Society –USA to establish International Intern programs and Semester exchanges and accreditations,” Prof Rao added.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Rao further said, “I strongly believe Mizoram University is marching ahead in the right direction, providing a holistic education to the future generation and playing a positive role in nation building. We reiterate our endeavor to provide premium quality education accessible to all and an environment for the growth of over-all personality development leading to generating ‘Global Professionals’.”

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