To Be A Developed Nation by 2047- India Must Technologically Leapfrog: Amitabh Kant
| IOP Desk - 17 Sep 2022

Final Report of ‘India Beyond 75: CEO’s Conference’

Mr. Amitabh Kant was the Chief Guest & Keynote speaker. He also conferred Platinum Excellence Lifetime Achievement Amrit Award to renowned film Actor Mr. Kabir Bedi & few other personalities.

By A Correspondent

India needs to grow at about 9-10 percent GDP rate for the next two and a half decades translating into higher per capita income for its people said Mr Amitabh Kant, Sherpa, G20 and former CEO of NITI Aagog while delivering a keynote address at ‘India Beyond 75: CEO’s Conference’ held in New Delhi.

Mr. Amitabh Kant said, “We are in the midst of preparing for the G20 summit. G20 members are the 20 most developed countries of the world, having 88 % of global GDP, 80% of global trade, 90 % of global patents, and 67% of global population. In addition to G20 we interact with other countries who are also invited which make out actually 40 to 42 countries and heads of IMF, World Bank all will be here so it will be probably highest gathering in India.  Therefore it’s a great opportunity to present both the hard and the soft power of India in front of the world.

Mr Kant quoted country cases of China, Korea and Singapore on how these economies grew bringing growth and prosperity to both their people and countries. He further added that states in India would need to grow for driving the national growth pathways.

“Our honorable Prime Minister is talking about Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. It’s important to understand the context in which he says, because when India became independent in 1947 and today we are at 75 years, he is looking at the next 25 years. When India became independent, our per capita GDP was more than per capita GDP of China and Korea and since than income in Korea has increased by 37X and in China the growth is 18X and in India it is 7X since 1947 and now income in Korea is 5X that of India and China is 2x of India in present time of 2022,” Mr. Kant said.

“When Prime Minister is talking about AzadikaAmritMahotsav, he is talking about changing India in one generation – how to transform India in one generation? It’s very important to understand because several countries in the world have actually transformed themselves within one generation. So,  Japan from 1956 to 1973 actually had an average growth rate of 9.6% and within that period of 56 to 73 totally transformed itself into a rich country and raised the living standards of  its citizens above the boundary line.  If you look at Korea between 1960 to1990, it again grew at 9.6% and if you look at China they were at the same level as us during 1988. But from 1995 to 2010 – in 15 years they grew at a scorching rate. It is important to understand that when you grow up at high rate of 9.5 / 9.6 – 10% of compounding power of growth is very important and Singapore 1960 to 1992 grew at 8.6%,” Mr. Kant said.

Now India’s per capita GDP right now in 2021 in constant terms is 3 trillion more than Korea. But it is important to understand that India’s per capita GDP is close to 2000 dollars and Korea it is close to 40,000 dollars. It’s not total GDP but the per capita GDP which is very important.

He said “while we are the fifth biggest country and we are heading towards the third largest economy in the world. Everybody has an individual biometric; everybody has a mobile to transact data. India has more digital financial transactions than both China and USA put together”.

Stressing on the need to build infrastructure in a decarbonised way, weaning off heavy dependence of agriculture on the economy and leapfrogging technology will be critical enablers in India’s economic growth story, going forward.

If you want to grow at 6% by 2047 you will take the per capita GDP of your citizens from 6000 to 6100 dollars. If you grow at 8% you will take 12,622 dollars. If you grow at 10% you grow at 21000 dollars. You will transform the life of your citizens by 21000. That is the compounding power of the growth – why Korea and China are able to transform the life of their population because they grew at 8 to 10% of compounding power,” Mr. Kant explained.

“Everybody will say that there is good demography and a good young generation but what is important to understand by a new survey that has come up that says, India has very sharp decline in fertility rates and India’s population is now stabilizing and its population will not grow rapidly – so now fertility rate is falling. According to this latest survey there are more women than men and it will be difficult for India to grow without the major focus on women and without increasing female labor participation,” Mr. Amitabh Kant said.

Talking about massive digitalization in the country, Mr. Amitabh Kant said, “In India there are more Internet user in villages than in cities and India has unique digital public platforms that will transform India in many ways – individual identity, individual payment, you have UPI, and Indians are using mobile phones for transacting the money.”

He further said, that “While we are the fifth biggest country and we are heading towards the third largest economy in the world. Everybody has an individual biometric, everybody has a mobile to transact data. India has more digital financial transactions than both China and USA put together.”

Stressing on the importance of the State's growth, Mr. Kant said, “The government of India unlike other countries during COVID increased liquidity and is now suffering from inflation. Due to digital transactions money could be easily transformed and nobody would fall below the poverty line. During COVID large number of reforms were carried out in the Indian economy – goods and services, tax, insurance, corporate tax. But India is very large, you need States to grow. Maharashtra, Gujrat 2X, Goa 5X others are just in some percentage. It’s important for our states to grow.”

Giving a roadmap for India’s growth in the next 25 years, Mr. Amitabh Kant said, “World class global Infrastructure: Roads, Aviation are the key drivers of growth. So, strategy should be to move towards urbanization and manufacturing driven urbanization. The GDP of Mumbai is more than UP. The GDP of Mexico is more than the GDP of India. Tokyo and Osaka’s GDP is more than GDP of India. So, sustainable and good urbanization creates good quality jobs and what’s important is that this government is talking about smart cities, sustainable urbanization and planning.”  

“Growth is not driven by the government but by organizations. So, making enterprises more competent is the key. Thus, the Government has to be a facilitator. And at last, India needs to be technologically competent. India needs to disrupt technological innovation – electronic mobility, mobile manufacturing etc.,” Mr. Kant said.

Mr. Onkareshwar Pandey, founder & CEO of Golden Signatures while welcoming Mr. Amitabh Kant said, “Mr. Kant, India’s towering personality in bureaucracy, the man who not only authored Branding India: An Incredible Story in 2009, but was himself a key driver in branding India in a most incredible way. Mr. Kant as the Chief Executive Officer of NITI Aayog will always be remembered as the benchmark of visionary administrative excellence for his great pioneering work and his contributions to nation building. He led and wrote the golden chapter of Growth and Governance of India through various Transformational Ideas and initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, ‘Startup India’, ‘Incredible India’, and ‘God’s Own Country’.  A member of the Indian Administrative Service, IAS (Kerala Cadre: 1980 batch), Mr. Kant is the author of Branding India - An Incredible Story. Mr. Kant has been a key driver of the “Make in India”, Startup India, “Incredible India” and God’s Own Country” initiatives that positioned India and Kerala State as leading manufacturing and tourism destinationsMr. Kant also conceptualized the “Atithi Devo Bhavah” – “Guest is God” campaign to train Taxi Drivers, Guides, immigration officials and make them stake holders in the tourism development process. From formulating National Strategy for New India to saving the nation during the most traumatic period of Covid-19 his dynamic leadership will always be remembered.”

Dr. Pooran Chandra Pandey while introducing Mr. Amitabh Kant in the Conference, highlighted the importance of India’s G20 presidency starting December of this year lasting until November 2023. G20 presidency of India, he said will offer an opportunity to showcase country’s growing influence in geopolitical and international economic cooperation domains among others. During the G20 meetings, he further highlighted that T20 meetings would also bring governments and nonstate actors together to deliberate on a number of socio-economic, climate, technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship issues and find solutions to humanity’s challenges in a new world order.

Prof. Dr. Mrs. Pankaj Mittal, Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi spoke about the transformation taking place in the higher education space especially in terms of content, delivery and assessment and the role of technology in improving the access and quality of education. The NEP 2020 if implemented in letter and spirit has the potential of converting India to a Vishwa Guru.

Prof. BK Kuthiala, Chairman, Higher Education Council, Govt of Haryana while chairing the Education session expressed his confidence that “Bharat of next twenty five years will emerge as the leader in ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘spiritual wellness’. He further said, “Paradigm of the entire education system will change from being teaching-centric to learning-centric. Role of teachers will change to being the facilitators for learning. Much of learning will be individualized and from digital resources and classrooms will perform as brainstorming platforms. ‘Amrit Kaal’, period between 2022 to 2047 will witness reversing the process of brain drain and Bharat will become the hub of value based education that will help in the evolution of Homo sapiens to Homo deuce.”

Amb Anup K Mudgal, Former Indian High Commissioner to Mauritius who chaired the plenary session, said, “Humans possess an extraordinary capacity of dreaming. Individuals dream but the societies and nations convert these dreams into logical visions. As a civilization, the Indians and India have been envisioning their future for centuries over and over through generations, an important one was for independence. As we complete 75 years, we appreciate the achievements of this fascinating journey. In achieving our vision, we have come a long way, but much more lies ahead. Seventy fifth anniversary is a good time for another bold vision as to where we wish to be at the centenary of our independence in the next 25 years”.

Dr. Bhimraya Metri, Director, IIM Nagpur said, “India Beyond 75 is going to be New India. There is a huge transformation in the education sector due to NEP 2020. Since skills have a shorter life, along with knowledge, Values & Competencies (Skills), Capability is going to play a key role in this fluid world to prepare Change Masters who can lead Unknown roles in unborn companies. Thus skilling & upskilling are the ways to remain in the present world.”

Dr Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director, IIM, Sambalpur, Odisha said that “Currently 3 type of disruptions ie due to Digitalisation, Decarbonisation and Democratisation of business happening all over world and India is well positioned to take advantage in all 3 fronts along with the right reforms by government.”

Dr. Nikhil Kant, Climate Enthusiast & Deputy Director, AICTE, New Delhi who moderated the Session -1 Panel Discussion on TECHNOLOGY, ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF INDIA: Revolution in Green Mobility: From EV to Aero while elaborating the main components of the Theme of the panel discussion, emphasized that the survival of the human lives has been at the center of the concepts of Technology, Environment, Sustainable development and Green mobility. Having a panel discussion on this theme is an attempt to underscore that there is an urgent need to shed the hypocrisy that we are making efforts to save climate and mother earth. We need to admit honestly and sincerely that humans are trying to save their own survival. 

The CEO Conference: Concept

In Spirit of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, Saksham Bharat, Amrit Kaal & UN SDG

This event was organised on the occasion of completion of India’s 75 years of Independence on 15th of August 2022 to commemorate this Rarest and Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity and to make the best use of this golden time, and to think beyond 75 to make a Vibrant New India. There is no doubt that the Government of India is tirelessly working for all round development of the country and it has brought the country on the global stage despite all odds, recession and pandemic.  A number of other initiatives have also been undertaken to ease business environment.

But, what is next? India has to rise up from troubled waters of ‘technical recession’ to realize her mission to become a 5-Trillion Economy by 2030. PM Modi has set a target of making India number one in the world by 2047, when the nation celebrates the centenary of its Independence. Terming the next 25 years for country as 'amrit kaal,' PM Modi has rightly said that, “Moving from the 75th year of independence to its centenary should be a watershed moment for the country and its people.” His vision to strengthen the infrastructure is focus on four priorities of PM GatiShakti, Inclusive Development, Productivity Enhancement & Investment, Sunrise opportunities, Energy Transition, and Climate Action.  

Taking inspiration from PM Modi’s vision for India in the next 25 years, Golden Signatures brought forth a uniquely designed International Conference to focus on driving the agenda for inclusive development of India, beyond 75 years of Independence titled - India Beyond 75: CEOs Conference.

The CEOs Conference was participated by a galaxy of visionary Young and Experienced Responsible Thought Leaders (CEOs, VCs) from different walks of life to connect and talk how to realise PM Modi’s dream of “Aatma Nirbhar Bharat” to make our youths “Job-givers” instead of being “job-seekers” to achieve the larger goal of self-reliant India.

Main Theme of the Conference was - Steering Inclusive Development for Shaping New India. 

There were four separate sessions apart from the main plenary session.

E-Mobility Session Chair - Shri Sudhendu J Sinha, Advisor-Infra, NITI AAYOG, New Delhi

Education session Chair - Prof. BK Kuthiala, Chairman, Higher Education Council, Govt of Haryana

Technology Session Chair - Mr. D P Singh, Employability Consultant, Amazon India, Gurgaon

Digital Healthcare Session Chair - Dr. Pooran C Pandey, Board Member, WFP Trust for India, Delhi

On this occassion while conferring India @75 Platinum Excellence Life Time Achievement Amrit Award2022  to renowned Film Actor Mr. Kabir Bedi (for his contribution to Performing Arts Internationally) Mr. Amitabh Kant louded his contribution in taking the Indian Cinema at Global level. Mr. Kant also conferred India @75 Platinum Excellence Amrit Award2022 to a few other peronalities on this occasion.

The event organized by the Golden Signatures Research & Consulting, was held to commemorate India’s completion of 75th year (platinum year) of independence and celebrate its 76th Independence Day on 15th August 2022 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi.

The Special Felicitation with honour was presented to Mr. Amitabh Kant for his Visionary Leadership & Development Impact By Golden Signatures, in association with DIMC Trust, BloomHo Global,New Delhi;  Indian Observer Post, New Delhi; Corporate Tycoons magazine, Pune; Dignity Restoration and Grievance Settlement Association (DRGSA), New Delhi; Activbrainz, Ahmedabad; E&M Global, Noida; & NFA Post, Bangalore.

Dr. Prerna Kohli while introducing Mr. Kabir Bedi before his felicitation said, “Mr. Bedi is an internationally renowned towering personality. He is not just an Indian actor, but his achievements and chef-d'oeuvre far supercede the domain of Bollywood. Mr. Kabir Bedi was officially knighted by the President of the Italian Republic on 2 June 2010. He received the highest ranking civilian honour of the Italian Republic and was bestowed the title of "Cavaliere" (Knight) of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. He's a theatre artist, a Hollywood actor, a writer, a political critic, and much more! He has penned an autobiography named Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey of An Actor, which is a captivating and thrilling account of the actor's challenging wonderful life journey. Best known in Italy and Europe for playing the pirate "Sandokan" in the popular Italian TV miniseries and for his role as the villainous Gobinda in the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy, Mr Kabir Bedi is that Once-in-a-lifetime personality who graced the CEO Conference as a Special Guest of Honor and the Golden Signatures feels honured having got the opportunity to honour him.”   

Here is the complete list of India @75 Platinum Excellence Amrit Awardees 2022:

India @75 Platinum Excellence Life Time Achievement Amrit Award 2022 - Mr. Kabir Bedi 

Special Felicitation with Honour

Mr. Amitabh Kant , Sherpa G20 and former CEO-NITI Aayog, New Delhi

P.P. Sadhu Tyagvallabh Das Ji, PresidentAtmiya University & Atmiya Group of Institutions, Rajkot, Gujarat

Individual Category - India @75 Platinum Excellence Amrit Award 2022

Padam Shree Pt. Surendra Sharma, For Lifetime Contribution in promoting Hindi Poetry through humour;  

Amb Anup K MudgalFormer Indian HC to Mauritius for Thought Leadership in Blue Economy Awareness;

Shri Sudhendu J Sinha, Advisor-Transport, Infra and E-Mobility at NITI AAYOG for Policy Leadership in Electric Mobility; 

Prof. Dr. Mrs. Pankaj Mittal, Secy Gen, AIU, New Delhi for Exemplary Contribution in NEP Implementation in Higher Education; 

Dr Pooran C Pandey,  Member of The Board, WFP Trust For India for Thought Leadership in International Development Policy; 

Prof. BK Kuthiala, Chairman, HEC, Haryana for exemplary contribution in higher education and communication strategy;

Prof. (Dr.) Avinash C Pandey, Director, IUAC, New Delhi for Distinguished Higher Education Leadership; 

Dr. Bharat Pathak, VC, MGNCRE Hyderabad for Distinguished Leadership in Rural Development; 

Maj Gen Dilawar Singh, Former DG, NYKS for Excellence in Youth Leadership Development; 

Dr. Kamlesh P. Joshipura, Former VC for Distinguished Higher Education Leadership;

Dr. Bhavna K Joshipura for Leadership for Women Empowerment  through Legal Awareness; 

Prof. K.R.S. Sambasiva Rao, VC, Mizoram University for Distinguished Higher Education Leadership; 

Prof. Dr. Prabha Shankar ShuklaVC, NEHU, Shillong for Distinguished Higher Education Leadership;

Prof Saket Kushwaha, VC, RGU, Itanagar for Distinguished Higher Education Leadership; 

Dr. Bhimraya Metri, Director, IIM, Nagpur for Leadership in Institution Building; 

Dr. Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director, IIM, Sambalpur, Odisha for Leadership in Institution Building; 

Dr. Nimala S. Mourya, VC, VBSP University, Jaunpur for Distinguished Higher Education Leadership;

Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director, IMS, Ghaziabad for Institution Building in Higher Education and a few others. 

Dr. Alok K Mishra, Joint Secretary, AIU for Dynamic Organisational Strength and Leadership;

Dr. Mohan Lal Agarwal – President, Indo Gulf Management Association, UAE for Excellence in Thought Leadership;

Prof Prasannajit Kumar, Pro VC, NIU, Greater Noida for Higher Education Leadership;

Dr. Karnika Seth, Cyber Law Expert & Advocate, Supreme Court for Excellence in New & Future Tech laws;

Mr. D P Singh, Advisor Employability, Amazon for High Impact Leadership for Technology and Sustainable Development;

Mr. Ajay Adlakha, CMD, Infinity Group for Leadership in Branding and Marketing Consultancy (In scaling up Business Valuations;

Dr. Prerna Kohli, Eminent clinical psychologist and public speaker, Gurgaon for Excellence in Clinical Psychology;

Mr. Prashant Jain, CMD - Indica Technologies & Services  Pvt Ltd, New Delhi for Excellence in Academic Library Supplies;

Mr. AK Shukla, CMD, Sanvaru Technology, Sonipat, Haryana For Excellence in Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing;

Mr. VSK Sood, for Life-Time Contribution to Corporate Trainings & Leadership Development;

Mr Anuragam Vatsa, Vice President & Plant Head, RSB Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand for Business Excellence & Quality

Shri Ramakant Pathak (Company Secretary) for Excellence in Business Start-up Incubation;

Late Shabnam Siddiqui, former ED, UNGC network in India (Posthumously) for Life-time Contribution to Collective Action for Business Integrity and Anti-Corruption;

Prof. Arun Aditya Sahay for Visionary Corporate Leader and Educator;

Dr. Payal Pahwa, Principal, Bh. Parshuram Institute of Technology, Delhi for Excellence in Academic Leadership;

Shri Vir Vikram Kumar, Nagar Nigam Parshad, BJP, Karnal for Exemplary Leadership for Social Cause;

Dr. Shashank Malik & Dr. Anita Rana for Excellence in Multispeciality Ayurveda & Panchkarma;

Dr. Rajan Chopra – For Excellence in Leadership for Institution Building;

Mr. Sparsh Garg, Founder Edu Clouds for Excellence in Education Technology.


1.        IMS Ghaziabad- Best Institution for Outcome Based Management Education;

2.        Regional College of Management, Bengaluru - Best B School for Vibrant Campus Life and Quality career;

3.        Atmiya University, Rajkot - Best University for Promotion of Human Values & Sustainable Development;

4.        Mahendra Bhavsar & Company, Ahmedabad - Leading Business Law Firm in Ahmedabad; and Pune

5.        Institute of Business Management, Pune as the Emerging Business Institute in India

The core members of the Organising Committee were Mr Shadab M Khan, Deputy Director, NITI Aayog, New Delhi; Mr HS Chaudhary, Former Commandant, BSF & MD, Limeage Consultants India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi; Mr GLMahajan, Former Director, DIPR, Government of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla; CA Jugraj Singh Bedi, Chartered Accountants And Insolvency Resolution Professional, New Delhi; Mr. Anuj Garg, CEO, Edu Clouds, Noida; Ms Manjari Sharma; Ms Susmita Saurav,  Ms Shubhangi Sharma and Team, IMS, Ghaziabad; Dr. Jyotsana Jain, Secretary General, Mahila Jain Mahasabha, New Delhi; Mr. Pranjal Jain, Managing Editor, Light of Nation, New Delhi; Dr. Sonali Mishra, Convenor, CEO Congress- India; Dr. Jyotsna Pandit, VP, Outreach & Communication, Delhi; Syed Mahmoud Nawaj, Senior Journalist, New Delhi; Dr. Arun Kumar, Director, Dignity India, New Delhi; Adv Sunil Ojha, Lawyer, Delhi High Court, New Delhi; Mr. Anuj Sharma, Social Worker & Thought Leader, Ghaziabad, UP; Shri Satyendra Barnawal, CEO - Beta Technologies, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi; Shri Trilok Singh Raja,  Chairman, Gurudwara, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi; Shri Parag Kumar, DND Events - New Delhi; Mr. Kartik Gupta, Journalist, The Statesman, New Delhi;   

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