The Morning Muse: Guiding You from Negative Thoughts to Positive Actions
| Onkareshwar Pandey - Editor in Chief - CEO, IOP - 01 Feb 2024

Morning Muse unfolds a tapestry of stories, anecdotes, and scripture explanations, devoid of jargon and biases. It serves as a lesson in Positive Psychology, unraveling the art and science of Happiness and Wellbeing, ultimately leading to a Successful and Meaningful life.

By Onkareshwar Pandey

Colonel Prakash Tewari's recently published book, 'The Morning Muse,' delves into the realm of positive psychology. Drawing on four decades of experiential and intellectual understanding, Col. Tewari presents a collection of motivational gems that offer introspection and insight.

"The human journey is never linear, neat, or tidy. It's more like a dance, three steps forward, two steps back. Backsliding can lead to a relapse into depression or negativity. Our myopic vision not only affects daily life but also limits our capacity to live life fully — to risk, to celebrate, to sing and dance, to love wholeheartedly. We all need a daily dose of wisdom, faith, and positive thinking. The Morning Muse encapsulates a pithy combination that can change your mood and inspire you every day. These carefully collected nuggets of stories and musings have helped me immensely along my journey," remarked Asha Uberoy, Chief Editor, Turning Point Publisher India.

“Morning Muse is quite a masterpiece in so many ways; it is inspiring and thought-provoking to read and practical to apply in life with positive reflection of every breath we take. It is written with much wisdom to deal with people and situations around us more objectively, practically, and positively. It is motivational and inspiring, awakening the mind to numerous opportunities while allowing us to embrace challenges and turn them into life-changing opportunities we could not see otherwise,” comments Dr. Menka Praveen Dubey, HoD Math Department, G.D. Birla Memorial School, Ranikhet, Uttarakhand.

The language used in his book is simple and captivating. There are lots of learnings from Morning Muse. Morning Muse has been created by noticing what is happening around us in our day-to-day lives and providing solutions to negative thoughts. Morning Muse is a compelling guide to unlocking your true potential.

“Prakash's Morning muse is a Daily dose of positive reflection to the day. It is like the early morning freshness of air that blows in as we start another day of keeping in touch with one another in the twilight of our lives. His spiritual knowledge, introspective cerebral soul-seeking conundrums & polemics instill an evolving perception of life’s inconsistencies. Without much ado, he communicates the scriptures to us in a language that is bereft of jargon & any bias,” commented one of his colleagues, Col Sudheer Prabhu.

“I am a regular reader of 'Morning Muse.' I vouch that it has given me a lot of wisdom to deal with people and situations around me, more objectively, practically and positively. Unknowingly, it has also contributed to instilling in me a sense of spirituality, peace of mind, and contributed to leading a more successful life. Nowadays, the first thing that I do in the morning is to look for the new postings on 'Morning Muse.'” Says PK Joseph, Founder & CEO, Career Spotters Global Pvt Ltd.

“The authors' insights are not just motivational slogans but actionable steps that can be implemented in daily life. Morning Muse is a beacon of positivity, offering a refreshing perspective on setbacks and urging readers to view them as stepping stones to success. Overall, a compelling and energizing read that leaves you with a renewed sense of purpose every day and the tools to turn aspirations into achievements,” according to Debadutta Mishra.

This is the second book by Col Tewari, a retired Armed Forces veteran of Uttarakhand, presently a Member of the Expert Appraisal Committee (Infra1 and CRZ) of the Government of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Grameen Impact Ventures, a Subsidiary of Grameen Foundation, founded by Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

He was the Director Policy (Ecology) in the Ministry of Defence, Executive Director of DLF Ltd, Executive Vice President, Sustainability and Education of Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, and DGM of Tata Power Company Ltd. He was responsible for assessing the Environmental/Social Impacts of Projects in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia. Some of his initiatives have featured in Harvard Business Review, European Case Clearing House, IIM Bangalore, Yale University, USA, etc. He was awarded the United National Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) - 2005 Award.

“Morning Muse is like a Daily Positivity Dose for me

Every day when I open my eyes

I find this message to give a Direction towards Life

A Meaningful Purpose

Reality Check and Many Many more Impacts

it makes on my life.

Thank you so very much

for this Beautiful message

It Brightens my Day & Life”

Shilpi Sharma (Europe)
His latest book, Morning Muse Version 1, has recently been published in the USA by Wordsmith International Publishing House. A public speaker and writer, Col Tewari’s first book, “Bunker to Bliss,” is about his spiritual journey in understanding the concept of ‘Unlimited Liability’ and the meaning of life and duty. It is based on his dilemmas in life in the Armed forces and subsequently in the Corporate World. He has tried to illustrate the Armed Forces’ extremely high level of motivation, dedication, honour, and integrity in comparison to the Corporate World. The concepts of ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ have been explained in a simple manner with the help of true stories. All experiences narrated in this book reinforce that Leadership has to be enhanced through spirituality by a firm commitment and belief in self and a higher purpose in life.

Col. Prakash Tewari’s book, Morning Muse is a thought-provoking must-read with motivational gems of wisdom to deal with life’s everyday situations. It is a compelling guide to awaken and inspire at all those times you need a boost to move ahead. This book and three other volumes which are in the pipeline is one of the best introductions to Positive Psychology from the perspective of Indian Culture. It showcases the therapeutic benefits of art, culture, and the environment around us that can lead us on the path to find blissfulness and mindfulness.

“These books will give readers the wisdom and acuity to deal with people and situations around them more objectively, practically and positively,” says Col. Tewari.
Morning Muse is replete with stories, anecdotes and explanation of the scriptures in a
language which is bereft of jargon and any biases. It is a lesson on Positive Psychology that explains the art and science of Happiness and Wellbeing leading to a Successful and Meaningful life.

Col Tewari has been featured on the cover page of Wordsmith International Editorial Issue 20 A must-read for anyone ready to embark on a
transformative journey. Details of the book can be found on Amazon at any one of the following links:;;;


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