A Meditative Model And A Healing Artiste – SHREE UPADHYAYA
| Onkareshwar Pandey - 19 Jan 2019

A Meditative Model And A Healing Artiste – SHREE UPADHYAYA


By Indian Observer Post

We did her interview last year comparing her to the yesteryear icons Madhubala and Maharani Gayatri Devi. It got amazing feedback and we wanted to learn more about this young artiste. 

Little did we know that this young actor is also a therapist and had switched from psychological practices to alternative therapy long back. She's now an energy medicine therapist and we can't wait to hear more about her journey from the entertainment industry to the other therapy work that she does. 

Meet Shree, the meditative model and a healing artiste:

Q- Welcome back Shree, your last piece of news with us created quite a stir.

Hi ! Yes it did, thank you for your support Indian Observer Post, I got such lovely feedback on our last interview. It was very kind of you to compare me to a legend.

Q- Thank you. And congratulations on your new ads and campaigns in 2018, would you like to talk about the same?

Well it was a beautiful experience to be doing some graceful campaigns of designers and ads with brands like Godrej, Fevicol and Coolwinks among others. My heart is full and God is kind, that's all I've to say. 

I was also amid a theatre workshop and a play with the now late Ravi Sharma, an NSD alumnus and theatre teacher who I would dearly miss. He really taught me to be in the moment with the process of performing. It was shocking to know that he's no more. 

Q- Indeed, God bless his soul. Talking of God, we heard from our sources that you're now a certified empowerer? How unique is that?

Haha, oh my god, a well kept secret is out in the open. But hey, we are in 2019, there are no secrets in this digital know-it-all world. Yes, I did complete a course in Access consciousness which changed my life other than being a contributor in other's lives.

Q- And how did this happen ?

From a very young age, I was inclined towards spirituality and did a lot of healing modalities on self, got to know it's immense benefits and shared with close friends, who also benefited from them. Yet taking it up as one of my professional paths was never a plan. One thing led to another and I'm here, taking sessions with people (smiles).

Q- We want to know more, we are aware of how private you are as a person.

(Chuckles) Okay ! So when I was in school I started practicing Nichiren Buddhism, Daisaku Ikeda is a beautiful mentor for many in India and other countries across the world. It was good training for me as it made me work hard and develop skills which normally I wouldn't have cared about. I actually got into performing arts after joining the Buddhist practice.

Started doing a lot of theatre, street plays with various groups, studied alongside and was always busy with either theatre, education or Buddhism. 

Q- Okay, please continue with your story.

One thing led to another and I started studying Psychology in City University London, got back and chose to work between Delhi and Mumbai in the theater and experimental art circuit, beside studying. I'd exerted myself so much that I got a few health issues and medication was only giving temporary relief.

That's when I started reading about God's healing white light, until now God was the prime source of energy for me without a face. So when I used to struggle with health issues, I would look up and just visualise a lot of healing light on my body or affected areas. 

Q- Did that work?

It worked and my recovery was faster, I realised I was deeply sensitive so I used to absorb a lot of energies. And when you're a method actor, your personal life kind of goes haywire (laughs). 

Q- So what did you do then?

I actually took a break from acting, focused on my exams and was looking for an alternative career as life was getting a little depressing with theatre and method acting. When your life asks for a guide or a master deeply, universe provides you that.

I was connected to Meher Baba in no time when I made the demand for change from my life, through a friend.

Q- Let us talk more about him, people who know you, say you're deeply connected to him. 

So Baba came in my life at a really low point and worked on healing my energy to a massive level. He passed away in 1969 so one has to look at his picture and meditate or remember his name constantly. In the popular spiritual arena, people view him as an ascended master yet if I've to look for a face of God, his face instantly comes up. Among Baba lovers, he's believed to be the Avatar of the age as he has worked miracles in many many lives. 

Q- What was the miracle that happened in your life ?

To start with, I became way calmer than I was ever before and well professionally I went from 10 projects to 152 projects in 3 years in the entertainment industry ! I actually came to Mumbai without a single contact, so I do see it as an achievement. 

Remember the alternative career I was looking for, he opened the doors of modeling for me and then there was no looking back. I could happily combine the two paths of performing arts and modeling in prints and advertisements. 

Q- What made you decide on getting into healing?

The white light I spoke about earlier today, I combined it with Baba's energy and started healing self first, through self originated scripts of guided meditations. After seeing the difference, I started sharing it with people, and they reported such happy changes in their lives. 

So I thought let's continue this and create more happiness !

Q- Any one incident of healing that you would like to share ?

My aunt who I stay with in Mumbai got really badly sick, to a point that we had to hospitalise her. Doctors used to say, things like the situation is very critical, we don't know if she'll make it. 

So I offered healing while she was battling life in hospital. I did the entire process at home whilst she was in the hospital, it was a long process of healing. After the night passed, I got a call from her sister, that she's finally responding. My happiness knew no bounds and I'd complete faith she would be back with us, no matter what the doctors said for a few weeks. Of course a lot of people prayed for her too so it was a joint effort :)

Q- Great ! That is really some inspiring faith, please continue with your story.

People started coming to me, sharing their woes and I did the best I could then. Yet being an empath I used to suffer as I used to take their energies on my body. So I started doing other processes like Ho'oponopono and EFT (emotional freedom technique) with the best teachers over the internet along with praying to God. That helped a lot. 

Q- When you were contributing to these lives, were you doing it for free ?

Honestly yes, I'd a stoic view over an assumption that why should I sell my grace. Now that I look back, I think this thought was heighted ignorance. There's a reason why spiritual beings and healers charge energy exchange as there's a universal law of an exchange of giving and receiving to it.

Q- Tell us more about your transition towards Access consciousness ?

Like I said earlier, when you wish for a change or a guide or a teacher, universe responds to you. Yet again life was getting stagnant by just working in the industry, and I was looking at having another career in spirituality. I had a desire to train under the best and universe responded accordingly.

Before getting into Access, I'd got two sessions done under another practitioner, and I was always attracted to this modality yet I was sure if at all I'm learning, it has to be from the best. 

Dr. Ashish Narayankar came in my life last month and he facilitated our course skillfully. This was not some hogwash spiritual course but a life changing dynamic life hack sort of a course of 5 days. 

Q- Amazing ! Tell us more about it?

He trained us to run bars which are 32 points on your head directly linked to each aspect of your life, he made us get rid of our emotional charge or any sort of heaviness that each being carried. He shared information about so many things like relationships, health, money, entities, and taught us body processes that can treat cancer and other serious ailments.

Q- All this in 5 days ? How is that possible ?

In Access, anything is possible ! The magic it holds is unbelievable, and yes we actually learnt all this in 5 days followed by individual practice, which I continued of course. 

Q- And what are the changes you feel ?

You know of course there are shifts in energy and at work that happen with any new modality, but with Access something changed which I was trying to work on, for years. I was highly emotional and sensitive, that vanished after this course. Now when I sense energies I'm aware of what's going on around me, yet I don't let it affect me. Also a lot of joy, ease and liberation is felt now.

Q-Tell us about your personal sessions of Access bars and everything else you learnt ?

Haha, not giving away all my secrets yet (winks) but let me tell you one thing no two sessions are similar, each is different from one another depending on an individual's needs. Running bars is a common point in each session yet a lot of times I do mix modalities based on my awareness and instinct of what the other person needs. So far it's working, let's hope for the best. 

Q-How do you plan to combine this with your industry work?

So far, there is no plan, I'm taking each day as it comes. I'm now sure of only one thing, as long as there is joy in something I'll be doing it, the minute it becomes stagnant, I'll be looking at other possibilities. Not only with work but with other aspects of life, I'll be doing the same. 

Q- Whenever we speak with you, we don't get a feeling that we're talking to a 20 something year old girl, always so ahead of your times. 

Thank you for that compliment, I've seriously thought of not telling clients my age as they won't take me seriously (laughs). As they say too many unique experiences shape you in ways that many decades can't, age doesn't define wisdom.. That's my story (smiles). 

Q - Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wish you the best for all your endeavours. Keep shining. 

Thank you for covering me, thank you for your support. Lots of best wishes your way !



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