Karmic Signs - Tarot Predictions for 2019 
| Onkareshwar Pandey - 27 Jan 2019

Tarot Predictions for 2019


By Karmic Signs 

 Aries (21 March-20 April)

2019 is going to be a crucial year where you will no longer be able to escape from making important life decisions that you have been putting off since awhile now. You will work hard to manifest your ideal life. There will be a renewed sense of emotional balance, for most of you will there will be a focus on your relationships.

Health: Attention is needed towards your health, make wise  lifestyle related  choices.Channeling your energy properly is the need of the hour. Identify and heal old emotional issues so that you can let go of the blocks that are manifesting as health issues. Be open to advice and do not try new unhealthy food items or any types of harmful substances as they may aggravate existing problems.

Career: Motivation levels remain high, you approach work related matters with a lot of energy. You use your intellect and sharp wit with confidence to win over your superiors. Watch out for workplace politics, you don’t want your outspoken attitude to be mistaken for arrogance. You may alternate between being too driven and too lazy, try to find a balanced approach.Remeber to express your assertiveness and creativity in a way that does not irk people.

Finance: You are attracting the right opportunities for yourself to earn financial gains, but learn to have a patient approach. Try not to expect too much too soon. Financial planning is necessary, so that you don’t end up spending too much in haste. Try to have a positive mindset.Take action towards your desired goals. Be careful in making new investments.

Relationships: This is an important year with regard to your relationships. You reach the end of various cycles or patterns that you may have been following until now. Those who are single may cross paths with a soul mate, especially while traveling. Those who are already in relationships will experience a new level of intensity as you build upon the togetherness while enjoying each moment. You must also learn to feel complete by yourself. It is a great year for those who are considering marriage.

Angel guidance : “The healing that you have prayed for is on it’s way.”

Taurus (20 April-May 20)

2019 is going to be a very positive year for taureans. A lot of material gain is in the cards. There will be recognition and fame for all your hard work. All the seeds you had sown in the past will come to fruition. Near and dear ones will remain supportive.

Health: You deal with all health related matters maturely now. This is the best year for letting go of old habits that are harmful to you. Trust your inner voice in his aspect of life and make necessary changes accordingly. This may prove to be a hectic year, try and have a light hearted approach to things it will improve your health. Do not let environmental factors impact yourself negatively.

Career: You let go of old expectations making you open and ready for new positive changes. The opportunities will manifest via unexpected sources. You begin to have a learner’s mind set, while taking things lightly, the new beginnings will bring about deep routed satisfaction. Do not try to control things, trust the divine order as situations are about to improve for good.

Finance: Financial security is on the way, beneficial business alliances will form naturally. You may have excess workload as you may take up too many responsibilities. This is your year, grab the opportunities to manifest your dream career as it will bring in monetary gains. Abundance will come your way. Plan your long term goals and take the leap of faith you have always wanted to.

Relationships: Abundant happiness and a sense of balance pave their way into your family life. Celebrations will occur throughout the year. You complete karmic cycles gracefully. The only thing to be careful of is gossip and miscommunication, assess the intensions of people carefully. Remember to speak kindly and carefully, respond to situations don’t react without thinking. Comparison of situations must be avoided at all times.

Angel guidance: “It is safe for you, to let go of old emotional pain, by doing so you allow your heart to mend”.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

2019 is going to be an important year for geminis.Major spiritual up gradations and changes are on their way. You learn to deal with old disappointments and emotional baggage while you cherish the present to the fullest. There is an emphasis on growth in career and financial aspects of life as well.

Health: You seek to achieve perfect health without putting in significant efforts in that direction and when you do put in efforts, you expect too much too fast. Try not to exhaust yourself mentally or physically this year. Do not experiment with unreliable health improvement schemes. Take frequent breaks to soothe your nerves and to stay stress free. Be more responsible in this aspect of life.

Career: You aim very high while imposing too much pressure on yourself. All projects that were pending from a long time will come to successful completion. You break free from limiting ideologies and expand your horizons. Blessings come to you in the form of opportunities but a structured approach is necessary or else unexpected challenges may come up. New vision and intuition guide you to success. Watch out for office politics; try to keep authority figures happy.

Finance: Multiple opportunities come your way. You may acquire wealth for your hard work. Gains from foreign sources are a strong possibility. You can be rest assured that everything will fall into your favour mostly. You will remain divinely guided as to how you must use your wealth judiciously while fulfilling your needs as well as serving others. Maturity is foreseen in this aspect of life.

Relationships:   You will tend to completely focus on the material aspects of your life. Some events may force you to re-evaluate your approach. Focusing on what you lack will make you miss out on important things. Those who are already in relationships will experience a sense of renewal and harmony. Those who are single will have meaningful experiences, decisions should be made carefully. Family environment will remain harmonious.

Angel guidance: “Your thoughts can shape your experience, so focus on positive things.”

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

2019 brings a major change of perspective in your life. There is a need to ground your energies to keep your calm. Career will remain a center of focus throughout, and opportunities will be attracted accordingly.

Health: Your health will need your attention. A hectic year is foreseen, stress may come along as you remain very busy, it may prove to be counterproductive on your well-being. There is a need for integrated holistic approach for self- healing, peace will make you healthier try and achieve it via mediation. Think things through, make careful decisions and get a check-up done. Accept any guidance or advice from experts.

Career: Slowly approach long term goals with sizeable short term goals. Let go of old attitudes, there may be a tendency for laziness, curb that urge for being a couch potato. New job offers or opportunities must not be missed. Work on self-imposed restrictive beliefs. Figure out what you truly want and make meaningful choices that will make you deeply happy.

Finance: Steadily building up finances and resources is foreseen. Charitable acts should be done; you will also aid all near and dear ones. Overall, there will be a good inflow of money; your efforts will be rewarded. Keep your expenditure in check; try any save up for rainy days. Emotional spending must be kept in check; stop repeating old patterns and be wise with money. A project reaches completion, to bring in gains.

Relationships:   Communicate carefully this year. Focus on other aspects of life; it will be more beneficial to you. Heal old emotional wounds, work on yourself. Those who are single may get offers of love but you hold yourself back. You come to conclusion that things will never be the same again; everything that you learned in 2018 must be remembered carefully. There may be a conflict between the mind and the heart. This is a good year for those couples who are trying to plan a family.

Angel guidance: “Service brings contentment; let this be the year of selfless giving”

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

2019 shall be year with a focus on material aspects of life. New opportunities and blessings come your way. You are ready to conquer now as you take your life experiences and head into a direction of success. There will be a boost in your level of confidence.

Health: You will handle your health related matters more seriously now as you approach things way more carefully. Follow your intuition, if you feel like something is harming you, it most certainly is. Practising mediation and mindfulness will bring in great results. Mental strain is the only thing you need to watch out for. All actions you take towards improvement will bring great results.

Career: You feel ready to head into a new direction which will be very favourable to you. You use logic, organization and discipline to reach success. Your leadership qualities are going to be recognized. You will find yourself at your best. You have upgraded yourself to become your best version this year. Lots of projects come to you; it may cause you to overwork. There maybe a few delays if you become laid back. Comparison of any kind must be avoided.

Finance: You are blessed with financial abundance this year. You may be thinking of saving up for important future goals or plans. You will successfully be able to take care of daily expenses. But since you are in savings mode, try not to overlook things that may require immediate investment. Don’t get too obsessed with fulfilling long term wishes, you may end up ignoring the present.

Relationships: You will receive cooperation and social support from multiple social groups this year. Travel will bring you new connections. In the existing relationships there will be smoothness and free flow. If you can keep your mind calm and composed everything else will fall into place. The only warning is try not to speak from your ego. Since there is an emphasis on career consciously remember to take out time for near and dear ones.

Angel guidance: “Don’t let others coax you into making decisions, you know in your heart what is right for your highest good”

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

2019 is going to teach you to follow your intuition. So much learning is in store for you, students will work harder and others will hone their crafts until they reach mastery. You pursue your goals intensively and passionately.

Health : You work extremely hard this year so remember to take out time for your health too. It is ok to accept help from those who mean well. Work life balance will need to be restored from time to time. There maybe some health related concerns that surface . It is important to de stress and calm your nerves. Your family and friends will care for your well-being. Don’t alter between working too hard and being lazy.

Career: There are mixed results indicated. Opportunities will present themselves to you take decisions carefully. Do your research well before coming to any types of conclusions. Consult with trustworthy people in career related matters. You will gain recognition for your hard work as well as the high quality of your contributions to your organization. Be a team player. Take breaks frequently to maintain your position.

Finance :  You will gain through family in form of inheritance or gifts. Opportunities to earn are available to you but lower your expectation by a bit. Creative business ideas or ventures prove to be lucky. A good year to pay off loans or you may be lending money to someone. There is a need for balance and moderation in expenditure. You will be able to handle all challenges effectively so be calm.

Relationships : Try and focus on the present rather that entering the loop of obsessing of past and future. It is going to be a year filled with love and abundance in efforts from others. There will be a change in existing relationships in form of a renewal. There will be stability. It is a good year to take the next step in your relationships. Singles will attract good matches.

Angel Guidance: “Accept the help of others, you are not alone in your journey.”

Libra (September 23-October 22)

This is going to be the year of material gains for Librans. You choose to walk away from negativity while you save your energy for meaningful things. You become more aware of how you invest your time and efforts. You put your best foot forward with a no nonsense attitude.

Health : Good health is foreseen this year, those who care about you will walk an extra mile to ensure that you are taken care of. You reinvent yourself as you become mindful of your habits. A positive mind-set will help in attracting a positive lifestyle. Health issues will get resolved. You will remain open to healing yourself by all means. The only matter of concern is your sleep wake cycle, keep yourself in check.

Career :  A blessing comes to you in the form of a new opportunity. You may choose a new career path or a new job, make decisions after careful consideration. Relocation maybe possible for a few people. You overflow with creative energy, you can bring to life any ideas that you have been pondering upon since a long time. Do thorough background checks before you make choices, some opportunities may not be as good as they seem.

Finance : You are highly receptive and open to attracting abundance in your life. A major breakthrough comes along for those who have been waiting for things to turn around. Do not ponder upon past situations. Do not lend money to anyone you may not receive it back. You may also receive from unexpected sources, so keep your eyes open. Save up while there is good inflow.

Relationships : Your tendency to overthink things in the present as well as about the past is the only challenge you will come across. Learn to forgive yourself for old mistakes. Follow your intuition and nurture those who need you. You must cherish each moment. Family environment will remain happy. Relationships mature this year. Fulfil yourself first.

Angel Guidance : “Healing energy flows through you, choose your words carefully and love all those who need you.”


Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You walk away from your old self towards a new you. A balance between material and emotional needs, to be restored in your life. There is a theme of evolution that will unravel. You learn to take a firm stand for everything you believe in.

Health : Only try well researched medicines or healing options for yourself. You have been compromising on your health for quite some time now. Mental pressure tends to manifest as health issues. Don’t give up on your physical well-being, protect yourself from any potential issues. Find a healthy way of dealing with your anger, believe in your ability to manage your negative emotions.

Career : You maybe over burdened with lots of work this year, do not be afraid of hustling hard you will benefit from it. Trust the process you need to go through in order to reach success. You may find yourself reminiscing and thinking of old days or patterns that may prove to be counterproductive. Major opportunities are coming your way. Career advancement is in the cards. Decide to bring in positive changes, you will triumph. Keep patience through all ups and downs.

Finance : You choose to work hard and you will get complete compensation for it. There maybe some sort off a small loss that you may incur but bigger and better opportunities come your way. There will be a few normal days, but understand that your only limitations are the ones you have set in your mind. Take the leap of faith and follow your dreams. Business ventures and opportunities will bring you learning that takes you to success.

Relationships : There is a desire to move on from old patterns, search for something meaningful. Spiritual and emotional growth is indicated, it will make you understand yourself. It is a good year for family life a lot of support from dear ones is foreseen. New friendships and partnerships are trustworthy. Since it is a positive year in matters of the heart, marriage proposals or a general annexation to the next level is indicated.

Angel Guidance : “You’re strong enough to keep the promises you’ve made to yourself, don’t back out now, your angels believe in you.”

Sagittarius( 22 November- 21 December)

2019 brings a heavy focus on material things. Some types of worries and anxiety are triggered due to situations. Life changing events occur which may be completely unexpected. You must maintain emotional calmness so that you can overcome challenges effectively.

Health : You adapt to new routine and let go of old habits that would have been harmful. You start to bring in the change, it might be challenging but keep patience and give it time.  Accept the limitations of your body and work towards self-improvement. Any issues that had been troubling you since many years may get resolved now. Home remedies or alternate medicines will help a lot. Ensure that you don’t approach health related matters in carelessness.

Career : Initially, in the beginning of the year things may appear slow but keep patience a lot of success awaits you through the course of 2019. You let go of self-imposed expectations that restrict you from achieving anything important. Abundant energy comes your way, brilliant opportunities are attracted to you. You gain recognition and respect at workplace. Keep an open mind towards advices from those who are doing well in your field.

Finance : Trust in yourself to be able to make the best out of this year. Understanding is required that limiting mind-sets or thoughts will restrict the inflow of gains. You may find yourself unduly worrying about financial matters some sort of compromise and structured approach maybe required in finances, but be assured that luck will favour you. A new business venture is very promising. Study your documents and contracts carefully before entering new agreements. Charity brings in more luck.

Relationships : Divine blessings make their way to your relationships this year, but you are tending to cling to issues of the past. Things that you have left behind long ago are still bothering you because you are allowing them to. You may find yourself longing to be alone or in solitutde,try not to let this tendency hurt your near and dear ones. You do bring a lot to the table for your loved ones, your efforts will be recognized.

Angel Guidance : “Calm your nerves in order to hear the voice of your angels.”

Capricorn (22 December- 19 January)

In 2019 you will speedily move towards your goals. Everything you have learned in 2018 will reward you greatly this year. Allow the new energies to make way into your life. Take the leap of faith, follow your heart the rewards will surely be worth it. You remain blessed throughout the year.

Health : Meditate and practise mindfulness this year it will work wonders. Trust in yourself to adapt a healthier lifestyle. Deal with yourself patiently; especially on days where you don’t feel at your best. You try new and more creative ways of maintaining health, it will be beneficial. Have some fun time set apart from your serious work oriented life it will keep you healthy.

Career : Creativity is at its peak, embrace it rather than your usual methodical approach to work. You honour your commitments, your work peers and superiors see you as reliable. Try not to overwork yourself, do not byte off more than you can chew. You begin a new more rewarding phase of your career. Do not worry, as you put your best foot forward now. You are more ready than ever to conquer now.

Finance : Money may be a matter of concern in your mind. Learn to ask for and take your due share, be assertive as you have put in hard work. Humility may not be the way to success this year. You work excessively hard, learn to accept your rewards. There are multiple possibilities and sources of income. Do not isolate yourself from the outer world in pursuit of material gains.

Relationships : You build the inner strength to pursue what your heart truly wants. Difficult situations are coming to an end, embrace the change. You overcome your tendency of becoming or attracting co-dependency. Break free from the shackles of past hurt, it may hold you back. You are headed in the right direction, slowly you build your relationship on solid foundations. Listen to your inner voice only.

Angel Guidance : “Trust what you see in your mind’s eye as well as with your physical sight you’re your spiritual vision helps you with healing,teaching,and guidance.”

Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

In 2019 old issues come up for resolution and healing. Authority, position and power are not that far anymore. You have a light-hearted approach to life. People from past play an important role this year, it is up to you how you choose to deal with them.

Health : As you reap the benefits of the seeds you had sown in the past you may tend to become lazy and held back in health related matters. Take care of yourself or you may develop certain issues. You should not stress on the small things, it will let you have a good health. Try to include exercise in your routine, detoxification or cleansing of your body is highly necessary.

Career : You are in the process of learning to trust in yourself and your abilities. You will do well in your professional life, there will also be stability. There maybe a desire to explore things in new ways ,rather than traditional methods,however,put your ideas across carefully and kindly so that you do not come of as a rebel. You might hold back your resources, be confident as your only shortcoming is a lack of it.

Finance : There is inflow of finance, you may take up too many responsibilities this year but this will be a truly transformative phase in this aspect of your life. Do not take any sort of excessive pressure; you are being blessed with opportunities. Creative ventures bring you much more success than you can anticipate.

Relationships : You heal old wounds. Someone significant from your past resurfaces. You will get noticed and will unintentionally draw in many offers from suitors. This year you learn a lot about yourself. The new people who enter your life are a positive influence. Meditation, contemplation and intuition will bring the much needed balance.There is a risk of peer pressure so do not get influenced by everyone.

Angel Guidance : “Uplift yourself and those near you with loving laughter.”

Pisces ( February 19-20 March)

Hard work is in the cards for you throughout 2019. You hone your craft with patience; it is also possible that you meet a teacher who will guide you to success professionally. There is a need to be careful in your personal life.

Health : Issues that have been there since a long time are going to be healed. You follow your inner guidance to improve your life. Lifestyle changes are indicated. A positive emotional health will lead to a positive physical health. Drink plenty of water and take a balanced meal. Efforts towards improving lifestyle will bring long-term improvement.

Career : You feel inspired to work hard, new ideas come to you. The beginning of the changes that come about maybe challenging but keep patience. You may find yourself desiring for contradictory things in this aspect of your life, introspect and understand what may be the best option for your highest good. Routine maybe exhausting, take breaks from time to time.

Finance : You may network a lot this year which will open up new doors for gains. Since you put in a lot of efforts a mental pressure may build up. Lots of material success comes your way. You deal with monetary aspects quite maturely. A few delays may come along, in business ventures there maybe some sort of postponement but overall things are looking up for you.

Relationships : You understand the functioning of your own belief systems better now, which leads to major changes in your personal life. The truth of the people in your life will be revealed to you, it maybe disheartening but it is essential to cut off toxic people. No matter how tense external situations may get, maintain your inner world properly. Embrace your inner child.

Angel guidance: “Pay attention to your ideas, as they are messages of true divine guidance sent in answer to your prayers.”

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