A Beautiful and Dramatic Debut Novel Authored by Dr. Molishree
| Onkareshwar Pandey - 31 May 2019

Book Review 

Most Suitable Story for A Bollywood Movie

By Onkareshwar Pandey
New Delhi, May 31, 2019:
Love is the most powerful of all the living emotions. Whether it makes you or mars you; depends on the way one takes it. Lynda Barry has rightly wrote, “If it is your time, love will track you down like a cruise missile. If you say, "No, don't want it right now!" that's when you'll get it for sure.” Love will make a way out of no way. Love is an exploding cigar which we willingly smoke.” 

Dr. Molishree’s debut novel ‘ARITRIKA’ is also about the feeling of love, which is unconditional, pure and innocent. It revolves around Aritrika, a small town girl, who starts caring and loving her classmate Malay at a tender age. After schooling, they go separate ways but ARITRIKA’s love for Malay blossoms and become more assertive, fearless and stronger.

But, Malay is not aware of her feelings until she confesses to him eighteen years later. But, fate has something else is store for her. Malay has moved on in life and there is no way he can come back now. ARITRIKA moves on in life but the innocent love she nurtured in her heart stays with her forever.

A very romantic tale, the book takes us back to our adolescence age when everything around us looked so rosy and beautiful. For those who believe in true love, would love to read this book.

Dr. Molishree, the author of this novel ARITRIKA, is a bright and brilliant Officer of Indian Economic Service (IES). She completed her education from the premier institutions of the country. Her degree in B.A Hon’s Economics is from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University and after pursuing her M.Sc. in Economics (Gold medalist) from the Calcutta University; she got her Doctorate in Economics from Bihar University. While serving the Government of India in various capacities, she demonstrates an active interest in literature; both in the fields of academics as well as creative writing.

ARITRIKA happens to be Molishree’s first brain child; published in the world of literature. It is such a beautiful novel, full of romantic feelings, happy moments, dialogue, and which also includes several interesting twist and turns with shock, surprises and sad moments also, making it a perfect story for Cinema.

In the initial days, Aritrika and Malay’s love blossoms in the colourful environment of Suryakiran; where they share a major part of their adolescence, but when the destiny takes them to separate places, each of them goes through several ups & downs; they make their own friends & foes; chose a different career. Yet, Aritrika’s love for Malay is not diluted.

In fact, it becomes more open, more assertive, stronger & fearless than ever. Malay on the other hand, has developed new likings, new relations, new priorities & a different approach of looking at life. What happens when the grown up, innocent & dreamy Aritrika confesses her feelings to the practical & worldly Malay? What happens when the two opposite forces collide? Can the magic & power of emotions survive the heat of mundane & prosaic reasoning?

Will Aritrika’s tenacity to keep her feelings alive for eighteen years finally fructify into her desired prayer? Or, will it usher in a new beginning for both? These are all important and interesting points which will certainly create enough curiosity in the audience’s mind if it is converted in to a full-fledged Bollywood movie.

The novel has already got huge appreciations from the readers all across the world. On Amazon, the book is selling like hot cake. Many readers have appreciated the novel wholeheartedly and 86 percent customers have given 5 stars to this.

One writer wrote, “Hardworking Aritrika, her stubborn love Malay. A powerful novel about the power of love and the strength of resilience. It's awesome! I gave the book 5 stars.”

The language, style and the dialogues used in this novel touches to the readers’ heart and mind.

Here are some interesting and quotable dialogues of the novel:  

  • “When in doubt between heart and mind, choose heart. Your mind will say what is good for you instantaneously, but your heart will say, what the best is for you eventually.”– Chapter The Emotional Turmoil- page 38 Golden rule given by Anushka (Aritrika’s mother.)
  • “There you get your answer!!” Exclaimed Pihu. “Choice gets precedence over Chance. Chance is just an opportunity. Taking or leaving it denotes your intention; your choice. For a rational mind, other people never figure in this game. Rest is just geography.”- Chapter-The last year together- page 66- uttered by Pihu (Aritrika’s friend)
  • In matters of love at least; one should choose one’s postman carefully.-Chapter-The last year together- page 66- Author
  • When the heart is in pain, the mind loses the distinction between sentimental & logical thinking. Chapter The Hour of Separation- page 94- Author
  • Practicality is the cloak of the wicked. –Chapter- The Training-page 147- Aritrika
  • When a pain is inflicted on the body part, the mind immediately jumps to chart out a reflex action; but when the same pain is inflicted on heart, strangely; the mind loses its ability of comprehension. Chapter - The Conclusion-271-Author
  • Love is absolute. It is born with our birth. It transcendences time & form; establishes itself as the only eternal force in the universe. Chapter- The Redemption-293-Author

“Author has a very good understanding of human psychology. How someone’s mind responds in any given situation is very well written which makes the novel realistic and one can easily connect it with their own life. In addition, the presentation of events is so smooth that it makes the novel enjoyable. A well-read for all those who want to witness the journey of their own emotions through the eyes of Aritrika,” wrote another reader.

No doubt, Molishree deserves high appreciations for writing such an amazing novel of on the journey of love. Congratulations Molishree!

Author – Dr. Molishree
Publisher - Marigold Publications, New Delhi
Price – Rs. 445/- (Paperback)
Available on – AMAZON & FLIPKART 


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