India's Biggest Media Conference in the Planet's Biggest Dome in MIT-World Peace University, Pune 
| IOP Desk - 20 Sep 2019

Conflict Resolution & Peace Through Media & Journalism

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New Delhi, Sep 19, 2019: At a time, when the Indian media is divided between Prime Minister Narendra Modi supporters so called 'Godi Media' and on the other side the opponents being targetted by calling them the 'Secular Media' a National Media Conference is being organised in the world's biggest Dome in Pune, which is expected to address several issues including the status of Indian media under the Modi Government. 

From Fake News and Paid News, Digital Media and Prevention of Rumor Mongering, Glorious History of Indian Media- Retrospects & Prospects, Electronic & Digital Media and the question of Self Regulation, Role of Journalists in Conflict Reporting, Ethical Media - Foundation for World Peace and Challenges of Media Owners and Road Ahead are some of the topics to be covered in this one of the biggest media conference in India which will be attended by country's several top editors and journalists.  

Can media play any role in developing the peace processes in a non-violent manner? How can media maintain the balance between transparency vs the need for confidentiality? How can media meet the imperatives of market forces such as sensationalism and commercialization, and at the same time create a forum for serious and responsible public debate?

The conference will address various such issues to figure out and to recommend measures for addressing conflict resolution through Media & Journalism and for promoting culture of peace in the 1st National Conference on Media & Journalism in Pune. 

Organised by the MIT-World peace University (MIT-WPU), Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra in Association with Pune Union of Working Journalists, this Conference will focus on Ethical Journalism. 

The Conference is being organised at the World Peace Dome, World's Biggest Dome situated in Pune-India, which is a Monument having World Peace Prayer Hall & World Peace Library which is open to the Global Community and is Dedicated for World Peace and Humanity. 
The NCMJ Conference, being organized by School of Media & Journalismon, MIT, Pune will be a vibrant, democratic and open platform for connecting Media Leaders with youth. 

Media and Peace: The Relationship
In present day society, information is power. Right to Information is a vital component for democratic structure of any Nation and Freedom of Expression is a core tenet for healthy media.

Different types of media are used globally to disseminate information. Media on positive side provides a platform for free & independent debate and discussion and on other hand can be misused for propaganda and for spreading hatred and rumors, leading to creation of tensions. 
It is a known fact that by supplying credible information and by reaching a large audience, the media helps in managing conflicts and in promoting democratic principles. Hence Media and Journalism plays a key role in conflict management and peace processes. Accordingly one of the measures for peace-building processes is enhanced ethical journalism.

The conference theme revolves around role and contribution of media in spreading and promoting peace in global context, by engaging in credible reporting, representing balanced opinions in its news, editorial content, article, audio, videos and by opening up communication channels and platform to address the challenges as involved in covering conflict and as well as peace areas. 

MIT–WPU National Conference on Media & Journalism is being organised with a vision to promote Ethical Journalism to Promote Peace and Harmony. 
Organised with a Mission to ignitie the spirit of Ethical Journalism ingrained with social sensitivity, raising the extent of awareness, involvement, responsiveness and access through open deliberations between Media Leaders, Policy Makers, Youth, Society and Industry at large and creating energetic youths as future media leaders and as ethical  journalism ambassadors, this conference will act as a platform to sow seeds in creating  movement by connecting youths with Media Leaders.

Starting from 21st of September 2019, the two day National Conference on Media & Journalism will have Eight sessions on the different topics of journalism and world peace.

On 21st  September, the 1st Session will begin on the topic of 'Ethical Media - Foundation for World Peace'. Moderated by RN Bhaskar, a Senior Journalist the  speakers of this session will be Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan ji, President, Loksatta Party; MK Venu, Founding Chairman, The Wire, Delhi; Snehashis Sur, Press Club of Kolkata; Prasad Kulkarni, President, PUWJ - Maharashtra; Prashant Dixit, Group Editor, Lokmat - Maharashtra; and Rajiv Khandekar, Bureau Chief, ABP Majha- Maharashtra. 

The 2nd Session will focus on 'Digital Media and Prevention of Rumor Mongering', which will be participated by Neerja Chowdhury, Senior Journalist, Delhi; Milind Khandekar, Digital Editor, BBC - Delhi; Karishma Kotwal, TOI, Head, IT Cell, Indore; Nitin Brahme, ALT News – Maharashtra; Bal Singh Rajput, SP, Cyber cell, Maharashtra; Vijay Satokar, Director, IIMC, Amravati- Maharashtra; Chandran Iyer, Senior Journalist & Editor – Maharashtra; Jayant Mainkar, Bureau Chief, UNI, Mumbai - Maharashtra and Parag Karandikar, Editor, Maharashtra Times, Mumbai- Maharashtra.

'Role of Journalists in Conflict Reporting' is the topic of the 3rd Session, which will be participated by Arup Ghosh, President, Network 1 Media, Delhi; Deepika Bhan, Senior Journalist, IANS, Delhi; Rakhee Bakshee, Senior Journalist, Delhi; Uday Mahurkar, Deputy Editor, India Today, Delhi; Vinod Agnihotri, Senior Journalist, Delhi; Mandar Phanase, Mirror Now, Mumbai - Maharashtra; Nilesh Khare, Editor, Saam TV - Maharashtra; Kartik Lokhande, Senior Journalist, Nagpur, Maharashtra; Prasad Kathe, Editor, Zee 24 Tass - Maharashtra and Pratibha Chandran, Bureau Chief, Sahara Samay, Pune - Maharashtra.

The 4th Session of this conference will talk about the 'Glorious History of Indian Media- Retrospects & Prospects' and the speakers of this session includes, Shesh Narain Singh, Senior Journalist, Delhi; Shireen Sethi, COO, Network1 Media, Delhi; Pallavi Ghosh, Political Editor, CNN IBN, Delhi; Onkareshwar Pandey, Former Senior Group Editor Sahara Group; Mamta Mishra, Assam Tribune, Guwahati; SN Vinod, Senior Journalist, Delhi; Prakash Pohare, Editor, Deshonnati, Nasik; Vijay Baviskar, Editor, Lokmat, Pune - Maharashtra and Dr. Sanjay singh, Editor, Zee News, Mumbai- Maharashtra. 

The second day i.e on 22nd of September, the 5th Session of the conference will discuss on the topic of 'Electronic & Digital Media and the question of Self Regulation'. The particppants of this session are Rajesh Badal, Senior Broadcast Journalist, Bhopal; Satish K Singh, Senior Journalist, Delhi; Arun Singh, General Manager, Indian Express, Delhi; Amit Mandloi, Sub Editor, Dainik Bhaskar; Mukesh Sharma, Former ADG, DD- Mumbai Maharashtra; Manoj Bhoyar, Assistant Editor, Jai Maharashtra - Maharashtra; Girish Kuber, Editor, Lok Satta - Maharashtra; Samrat Phadnis, Editor, Sakaal- Maharashtra; Vijay Kuwlekar, Editor, Zee 24 Taas, Mumbai - Maharashtra and Ransube, Senior Journalist- Maharashtra.

'Fake News and Paid News - Myths & Reality' is the topic of the 6th Session on 22nd September which will be participated by Rajesh Kasera, National Head, Patrika Group, Jaipur; Prakash Dubey, Group Editor, Dainik Bhaskar, Nagpur; SM Asif, Editor, In Dinon, Delhi; Chetan Sharma, Editor, India Ahead Channel, Hyderabad; Pradip Maitra, Hindustan Times, Nagpur, Maharashtra; Mohan Rathod, Dy Director, Public & Information Service, - Maharashtra and Vijay Phalnikar, Maharashtra.

Challenges of Media Owners and Road Ahead will also be discussed as a subject in the 7th Session and the speakers will include, Vijay Darda, Chairman, Lokmat - Maharashtra; Karun Gera, President Sales, Lokmat - Maharashtra; Gulab Kothari, Patrika Group, Jaipur; Goutam Mutha, India Ahead News, Hyderabad; Abhijeet Pawar, Sakaal Group - Maharashtra; Anand Agarwal, Aaj ka Anand, Maharashtra and Dr. Deepak Tilak, Editor, Daily Kesari, Maharashtra. 

The last session of this National Conference will discuss a very important and relevant topic of 'Media Laws & Security of Media persons - A Formality or Reality' 
The speakers of this 8th Session includes, Manish Awasthi, Senior Journalist, Delhi; Rahul Mahajan, Editor in Chief, Rajya Sabha TV, Delhi; Pramod Mukesh, Editor, Bhaskar, Patna; Ajay Kamble, Bureau Chief , India TV - Maharashtra; Shridhar Loni, Editor, Maharashtra Times - Maharashtra; Abhijeet Atre, Assistant Editor, Times of India, Pune - Maharashtra and Sanjay Awate, Divya Marathi- Maharashtra. 

About World Peace Dome
World Peace Dome is situated in the World Peace Centre  (Alandi), of MIT-World Peace University,Pune-India. The beautiful 160 ft. diameter and 263 ft. Height Domed Structure contains 54 larger- than-life-size bronze statues of some of the greatest Saints, Scientists & Philosophers in the history of mankind. It is presently known to be ‘World’s Largest Dome’ and rests only on 24 Pillars. 

The brainchild of Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, the Philosopher Saint Dnyaneshwara World Peace Dome, World Peace Prayer Hall &Library, is an epitome of architectural magnificence and a contribution towards Knowledge Divine, an emblem of peace and a source of inspiration for all to embrace peace and humanitarian understanding. 

The World Peace Monument, the largest dome in the world, inaugurated by Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu on Oct 2, 2018, depicts the Vedic principle articulated in Sanskrit as ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ (the World is One Family). Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Karad’s Life Mission to establish a ‘Culture of Peace in the World’ and deliverance of ‘Value Based Universal Education’ are embodied in following Statements that lay the Road Map and the Vision to ultimately realise his mission.

In recent years, the challenges of Media in multicultural, multi-religious and multi-lingual society like India has increased. Exploring, deliberating and proposing the way forward with reference to role of print and electronic media in promoting the culture of peace in the world, has thus become important.  
The Conference will be attended by large number of Media Fraternity, Social Science Scholars, Lawyers, Writers, Research Scholars, Social Observers, Authors, Policy Planner, Thinkers, Students, Academicians, and other interested member from Society and Industry.

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(Onkareshwar Pandey is Founder, Editor in Chief & CEO, Indian Observer Post and former Senior Group Editor- Rashtriya Sahara (Hindi & Urdu) and also former Editor, (News), ANI.

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