‘HowdyBiz’, New Buzz Word for Indian Businesses, Looking at Global Partnerships & Sustainable Growth!
| IOP Desk - 29 Sep 2019

Global Chamber Reinforces its Organization in India with the Launch of Mumbai Chapter assuring both.

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By Onkareshwar Pandey

Mumbai, September 29, 2019: While on the one hand, in the wake of recent events, and the HowdyModi wave, that put India at centre stage, and showcased the value, investing in India could bring, and on the other, where sustainability has become the new buzz word globally, the panel discussed about how India could play a pivotal role in building global partnerships and also help in building sustainable businesses across different sectors, and finding solutions to some key challenges.

“The Global Chamber reduces the risk and accelerates the growth of its members and partners who receive warm and trusted connections to grow their business in new markets and access to all the resources they need to grow across multiple borders. We provide, real-time trusted help anywhere in the world to fill in the gaps to support more growth, said Doug Bruhnke, Founder & CEO of Global Chamber, while addressing the Mumbai Chapter live from the United States on Saturday.

The live address was followed by a round of high powered Q&A, from the audience regarding partnerships globally.

He was addressing the elite gathering on the occasion of the launching of the Mumbai chapter at the World Trade Centre under the leadership of Ms Aparna P. Ranadive, Executive Director, Global Chamber, Mumbai.

The launch event was followed by a very interesting and high powered panel discussion on the topic of “Building sustainable global businesses, and India’s new role in the partnership” where a group of panelists, senior professionals from diverse backgrounds and industry sectors participated, ranging from Private Equity, Women Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Media & Entertainment, and Consulting.

The esteemed panelists included Rajeev Agarwal, Founding Managing Partner, Ambit Pragma Ventures, Nishit R Shetty, Chief Business Development Officer, Red Chillies, VFX & Red Chillies, Colour, Sonia Golani, Author, Entrepreneur & Joint Secretary, FICCI FLO Mumbai, Samiran Ghosh, Advisor, Investor & Start-up Mentor. The event was attended by CEOs, senior professionals and entrepreneurs from across different sectors in the Indian industry.

Nishit Shetty, Chief Business Development Officer at red chilies .vfx & red chillies.colour shared some relevant factors that are affecting the Media & Entertainment Industry just like any other industry globally in this rapidly changing business environment, quoting William Gordon who says 'Nobody knows nothing' and kick started the panel discussion.

Glocalisation being the new mantra, where global formats are being adapted to create programming to suit the taste of Indian audiences. Customer focus is the other most important element and having worked in the industry close to two decades, Nishit Shetty strongly feels that customer focus is an important aspect to be kept in mind in today's time and age since there are various avenues for entertainment, one cannot take the audience for granted. With an announcement from Netflix about streaming original content every week without affecting the quality of content keeping in mind the diverse cultures & languages, it's definitely a good time to be in the business, and it could offer a variety of opportunities. In context with building sustainable businesses, trusting one's gut, not following the trends and pushing the boundaries is the way to go.

Samiran Ghosh, a mentor to start-ups had another perspective altogether. While he highlighted the challenges that the technology boom has brought about, he still maintains that there is still hope and we can bring about change. He added that while Artificial intelligence and blockchains are going to become very critical contributors in the industry, it's rather impossible to get AI and blockchain professionals at a low price point. Adding to this is the problem of skilling and availability of an employable talent pool. This, however, is an opportunity for renewing education and its applicability to the current market needs, and thus to organisations wanting to focus on this sector, and could be facilitated by the Global Chamber.

Sonia Golani, Joint Secretary of FICCI FLO, Mumbai, a best-selling author of four books, entrepreneur and a strategic consultant to start-ups, brought the aspect of women empowerment and gender equality to the panel discussion. She pointed out that there is a huge gender gap, among the workforce, whether in terms of pay parity or job richness, or availability and positioning in strategic positions among many others. This was further emphasised by the fact that the UN and the World Economic Forum data reveals that gender equality and women empowerment are key factors for building and sustaining business. Infact, gender equality and sustainability is inextricably linked. She quoted; “It is like, if half of the team is sitting on the bench, one cannot win the match.”

“If women force are held back and 50% population is discriminated against, country cannot progress.Considering gender equality is the sustainable development goal (SDG) no. 5 of the United Nations, and it's not a goal but a precondition, organizations have to gender balance in the board. She gave the reference of Nordic and Scandinavian countries where there is a gender balance on the board and if they can do, so can the world follow their example,” Sonia Golani said.

She pointed out that there is a high percentage of highly educated women being without work, as they would have taken a sabbatical for family or other reasons, and now find it difficult to find their way back to the workforce, as not all of them can qualify under the second career schemes initiated by some companies. “Investments made in women have a cascading impact and quantum effect on the nation. Indeed, we must learn from millennials. Their mindset is reflected in their working environment, as they do not believe in the concept of gender discrimination, and hence most of the start-ups are successful in building gender-balanced businesses,” Sonia added.

Rajeev Agarwal, Founding Managing Partner at Ambit Pragma Ventures explained the current business environment by dividing the players into haves and haves not. He threw an eye-opener to the audience about thinking from an investor’s perspective and the viability of their businesses, as most of the businesses, do not really know how disruption is affecting them, and if they do not up their game, get the talent pool required for their business, adapt to the changing environment, they could face difficult times ahead. While opportunities for growth really depend on the sector, however, organisations like the Global Chamber could facilitate international exposure and knowledge sharing and transfer, whereby best practices could be learned and adapted to build sustainable business models.

The discussion was moderated by Aparna P. Ranadive, Executive Director, Global Chamber, Mumbai.

Global Chamber, a unique, inimitable, growing and collaborating community of CEOs, executives and leaders, around the world, is focused on building business with its Chapters in Ahmedabad New Delhi, and now Mumbai. Since Mumbai is the financial & commercial capital of the country, it will now add a new dimension to its global tribe.

This is the only organization in the world with a presence in 195 countries, 525 metro regions, which aids in accelerating cross-border trade and investment in every region of the world by engaging top executives and leaders with resourceful connections, collaborations to increase growth in their business or professions, upsurge in their community success ultimately leading to a changed world.

Doug Bruhnke, Founder & CEO of Global Chamber envisions a world where doing cross metro and cross border business is as easy as selling across the street.

He shared about the advantage that Mumbai as a high power metro, the business &financial hub, brings to the Global Chamber and holds an advantageous position in connecting businesses and professionals globally so that they can benefit from the association. He also highlighted the key difference that the Global Chamber brings to its members.

Aparna P Ranadive, Executive Director, Global Chamber, is an industry expert, former HR leader, and now an entrepreneur. She leads a Strategic HR Advisory and Leadership Consulting firm in Mumbai, “Practical Magic Advisory Services & Solutions”. Aparna has been instrumental in initiating this movement of change, under the able guidance and support by, Vinod Bhimrajka, Director, Bhimrajka Group of Companies, Tanay Bhimrajka, Director, Pollman India Ltd, and other members of the Advisory board of Global Chamber Mumbai Chapter.


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