"Nar Sewa Narayan Sewa" of Sewa Bharti in Azamgarh, UP
| Pawan Upadhyay, Journalist, Azamgarh, UP - 09 May 2020

By Pawan Upadhyay

Azamgarh, UP, may 09, 2020: In Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Sewa Bharti, a charitable, humanitarian wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is doing remarkable service for humanity in this Corona disaster period serving human being, animals, and birds with food and water following its slogan - Nar Sewa Narayan Sewa.

Azamgarh is one of Eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh. Many of the male adults in this district are migrant laborers in the major cities.

A lot of people have lost their job as a result of the Corona virus, and have returned home or in the process of doing so.

Today, there is very low infection rate from Covid19; the district that has over 1.5 million people has only eight Covid cases and all recovered.

On 7th May a person who came from Delhi found Corona positive so one corona patient is in Azamgarh. Like other parts of India, the area was in almost total lockdown except for food and medicines.

Now many businesses are opening in different phases. Some business will open this coming on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and some on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Malls, restaurant, and hotels remain totally closed till further information.

Naturally, people would have difficulties getting food and since money is not being earned, some would not be able to afford meals.

However, Sewa Bharti local branch is there to the rescue. It has been providing daily meals to people throughout the country since the lockdown in mid March. Several volunteers aid in the effort saying, “I have been aiding the organization with its mission to help feed the hungry.”

Sewa Bharti is the wing of RSS, the largest social organization in India. which does voluntary work to help the needy. Whenever there is a disaster, Sewa Bharti is always on the frontline helping the affected.

Covid 19 has put the world on back foot. The virus spread from the Wuhan Province of China around world creating a pandemic including affecting the economy of India and the health of its teeming millions even in the rural villages.

In India, just before the Holi festival, Corona knocked on the door and government of India took a quick decision in mid March to close everything and called it Janta Curfew (Public Curfew) on 22 March.

It was not sufficient to stop the spread of the virus. The government took the decision of a total lock down from 25 March until now; it has been extended till May 17. In three phases, the lockdown time was extended. It is projected to be gradually lifted towards end of May if the pandemic is under total control.

The Lock Down period has taken a heavy toll on daily paid non-contractual workers who work whole day to earn to provide basic needs for his (her) family. No work means no money earned.

But the government decided to sort out all who belongs in this category to provide some basic assistance. Throughout the country, there are groups assisting the needy, dispossessed, and those out of work, including migrant laborers.

Sewa Bharti Azamgarh unit is working a lot to meet the needs of the less fortunate in the district. The team of Sewa Bharti is distributing rice, wheat flour, yellow dal, salt, vegetable, biscuits, bread, mask, soap, other essentials, etc. among the needy people.

Sewa Bharti Azamgarh unit kept big huge clay pots in which water is filled for thirsty cow, dogs, monkeys, birds, and other animals may quench their thirst.

Sewa Bharti team gave biscuits, roasted channa, and bananas to monkeys and green grass and dry hay to cows and other cattle.

The Sewa Bharti team also provides Yoga experts to train people to fight the virus and how to self isolate and be quarantines so they can protect their health and be safe. Sewa Bharti sanitized the many city areas.

The people of Azamgarh are most grateful for the minimal assistance obtained from charity and the government.

There is a high rate of unemployment and poverty as a result of Covid. In this area, there is no industry and people go to other parts of India for work as migrant laborers.

This area is very good for agriculture. Tens of thousands are stuck in the urban cities of India unable to return home because of the lock down. Their families need assistance. And Sewa has responded to their need.

And the public and government as well as district administrator have been cheering the volunteers for their humanitarian work that has been described as outstanding.

Sewa Bharti Azamgarh team comprises of young and energetic volunteers. Some are doctors, businessman and even the journalists. Some of the team members include Dr Manish Tripathi - Ortho Surgeon, Dr G N Baranwal - skin Specialist, Dr Deepak Pandey - Paediatricion, Dr Subash Singh - Plastic Surgeon, Dr Rakesh Singh - BAMS, Anil Tripathi - Medicine Business, Rajan Upadhyay - Ex Army man.


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