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If you want to remain SAFE & RATIONAL

It’s not your responsibility to go out and die so that there is herd immunity sooner. Ask the families losing their loved ones.. How painful it is. It's not just the death but also the way they are dying without healthcare facilities. Make no mistake. Our governments all over the country have failed us now, leaving us with no choice but to be ATMANIRBHAR.

By Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri

>>>>>>>The First Type of Idiots:

The Be Positive Brigade.

Everything is under control. Look at India's per million cases and recovery rates. Our governments are doing such a lovely job.

If you want to remain safe, then the last thing you need to be right now is be positive and believe any of these blatant lies. The situation is extremely dangerous. And there's totally nothing positive or under control. And to stay safe you must remain very cautious, careful and scared. This no time for stupid bravery.

Why do I say so?

> We should have never locked down our economy and ruined it. We hardly had cases. (Read my suggestions in all my social media handles on March 22nd - I had been saying it since the very beginning).

> We should have kept the economy running and got the army out and focused on setting up dignified emergency health care facilities and done aggressive contact tracing and isolation.

>Instead we locked down the economy and destroyed it. There is no mild or better way of putting it. We made 25% -ie a whopping 12.5cr people, unemployed.

> We locked down but did nothing for our poor and nothing for emergency healthcare facilities to tackle the looming crisis.

> Now situation is out of control and people are getting infected left, right and centre. 3 Lac+ is the official manipulated figure, but if we are to go by the ICMR research that they pulled out in a day we have at least 3 million++ and far more cases. Ask any doctor.

> People are not just getting infected. About a percentage of them are dying and not just hospitals, the crematoriums are unable to handle the cases. Three days back when I wrote about first hand information about Punjabi Bagh crematorium, people laughed. Now it's revealed to be true.

> And no, it’s not Arvind Kejriwal, Mamta Bannerjee & Uddhav Thackeray messing it up. It’s all major metros including Ahmedabad. It’s a price we are paying for 73 years of cheating India and keeping 25%-70% of urban people like animals in slums with one small room housing 5-8 people without access to private toilet or water facilities. It’s not about any party. It’s about Indian criminal insincere politics on the whole.

> Lowest no. of cases per million in India means nothing. Right now we are getting 8-10% tests as positive. Increase the tests and you will see numbers skyrocketing.

> The only number that means anything is no. of tests per million. And there we are a shameful 138th - a position we love hovering around even in the Human Development Index!

If we increase our 3k odd tests per million to 60k as in dignified countries, our cases will most likely multiply 20 times.


You have very less options. You aren't the government. Still.

*Be extremely careful and don't go easy on masks and sanitizers.

*Get prepared to maintain absolute social distancing for months.

*Go out for the least necessities.


*Economy is ruined so they should now focus on SAVING LIVES at least.. and announce an immediate one month complete lockdown to control the crazy speed of spread.

*Immediately announce Universal Basic Income of Rs.7,500 per family of five for next 6 months at least so that they can just survive.

*Use this one month to do what they didn't in first 75 days. Get the army out and instead of showering petals, convert every possible stadiums and parks in the 750 odd districts into emergency health facilities.

*Plan a genuine revival package for the economy in consultation with bright minds from all parties.

>>>>>>>Second Type of Idiots:

The Anti-Vaxxers!

You tube; Facebook etc are all banning and removing all stupid conspiracy theories of all types. But there is no dearth of morons and idiots. It's unbelievable that I even have to write this. There are idiots around who think that CoVID19 was planned as a conspiracy to sell vaccines-that too by Bill Gates!!

The only word that should be repeated again, again and again for them? IDIOTS.

Stay away from all such videos. All such theories. All such forwards. These guys are clever. They start by saying correct and scientific things.

They will say human body has power to develop a lot of immunity on its own. You developed immunity as a child by going out and playing etc etc.

And then slowly unscientifically link it to garbage. Idiotic and criminal stuff of how vaccines are unsafe poison and a fraud business.

They will continue throwing some science in between like "herd immunity" etc. to make you believe they are very scientific.

But they are unscientific pseudo doctors whose poisonous videos are being banned left right and centre by social media and yet they somehow find a way to crawl back as a WhatsApp forward.

As BILL GATES said : "It's even hard to deny such conspiracy theories about me. They are so stupid".

What a shame. The man who should be getting a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work... The man who has committed 99% of his entire wealth to charity as a part of 'GIVING PLEDGE' along with Warren Buffett, and who is inspiring so many other Businessmen to come and join the pledge is being accused of in a scheming pre-planned manner calling a normal flu as a "fake pandemic" to sell vaccines. Fools who believe them, my question.. are you guys so stupid?

They can't see people around the world dying left right and centre?

Anyways, as Bill Gates has already said, THEY ARE SO STUPID.

Stay away from these idiots.

>>>>>>>The Third Type of Idiots:

Religious Apologists

These guys have lost their relevance. Their places of worship were shut and people were for a change told let's believe in science over abracadabra and religion.

Our media which was used to using religious bigotry didn't know what to do. So for a while they kept doing Tablighi Tablighi. Finally they have realised that's stupid. It's a global pandemic. And when for 73 years including 6 years of the present government you have kept an entire nation impoverished and dying in slums and poverty; Nothing could have stopped the pandemic from becoming ghastly in India. If it wouldn't have been Tablighi it would have been some Temple or Gurudwara or Mosque or like in Europe and America some Church. That's where people go and crowd regularly and that's from where infections have spread across the world from South Korea to Malaysia to Iran to Pakistan to USA to Italy.

So now most of Indian Media is doing their job right. They are out in front of hospitals revealing the truth to the country.

But the irrelevance of religious leaders has been killing them - if not the pandemic. Now that no one is listening to these profiteers of human fear and ignorance, to keep themselves relevant they have invented new terms in place of God. So now they are preaching


No there is no Mother Earth taking any revenge or any God in the form Nature punishing anyone. Pandemics have happened forever. 100s of years back when there was no pollution and destruction of environment, the pandemics were worse. BATS make up about 1/5th of total mammal species on earth and they have always been a carrier of various kinds of viruses and the cause of diseases.

It's thanks to science and technology that so many dangerous viruses could be controlled and made harmless and it's thanks to the existing medicines and their combinations that we are able to save millions of lives during this current pandemic.

So please let the religious apologists now not divert our attention from a scientific problem into that of God's revenge or punishment so that the moment the Churches, Mosques and Temples open people again queue up for to ask God to forgive them and the business of these religious scamsters (who know there is no God) again hits peak.

The last thing you need to go right now is to any religious place of worship (the uneducated guys out there still haven't learnt and are insisting that people coming can't use ALCOHOL based sanitizers even- and nothing could be more foolish and dangerous).

My best wishes to all of you. Please stay safe. And far far away from these three kinds of idiots misleading you.

Every life is valuable.

It’s not your responsibility to go out and die so that there is herd immunity sooner. Ask the families losing their loved ones.. How painful it is. It's not just the death but also the way they are dying without healthcare facilities. Make no mistake. Our governments all over the country have failed us now, leaving us with no choice but to be ATMANIRBHAR.

So please be Atmanirbhar and take care of yourself and your loved ones. Because if something happens, no one will come to save you.

The government won't even give you access to a dignified hospital bed with a chance at survival.

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Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri, Global Management Guru

Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri, India’s  maverick management guru (Financial Times, London), an Author of 5 Books, Antitheist, Global Management Thought Leader & Public Speaker who “Set(s) the stage on fire” (The Times of India), a Teacher, Entrepreneur, Economist, Former Advisor to the Planning Commission, Govt of India Recipient of three National Film Awards; He is the founder and  Editor in Chief of Planman Group, a media, consulting and entertainment firm, and director, IIPM Think Tank.


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