Our Youngsters Can Do Wonder; Just Try, Take That First Step
| IOP Desk - 16 Aug 2020

Exclusive Interview of Yash Tiwari by Suhani Dwivedi

Yash Tiwari, a 18 Years Old young man, who has Delivered 4 TED Talks and a Josh Talk, is an International Youth Mentor, an Award Winning Author of Two Books, a Public Speaker, with his critically acclaimed debut Novel "A Celebration In Tribulation" written at the age of 16, has also authored PANDEMIC 2020 - Rife Of The Virus, which is world's First Novel on the on-going Corona Virus Outbreak. He has been awarded among the "Top 100 Inspiring Authors of India by The Indian Awaz", awarded with "Author of The Year" award by NE8x, nominee for "Best Debut Author" award by ICMDR, and also awarded with Global Young Leader Fellowship and TCC REX Karmaveer Chakra Award by iCOGNO in association with United Nations.

“I never consider myself too young for any of my endeavors - be it my multiple TED talks, Josh Talk, or critically acclaimed novels at the age of 18. All that I feel is a sense of dedication towards what I am passionate about,” says Yash Tiwari, while talking to Indian Observer Post Correspondent Suhani Dwivedi.  Here are the excerpts:

By Suhani Dwivedi 

Hi Mr. Yash Tiwari, we all know you well, but how do you see your big achievements at a very young age of 18!

  • By the age of 18 right now, I am “National Record Holder Now!” excited to be sharing that I have been awarded by the prestigious “INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS” for being the “Youngest Author” to write a fiction novel on corona virus outbreak titled “PANDEMIC 2020 - Rife Of The Virus”.
  • PANDEMIC 2020 is world's first fiction novel on corona virus outbreak and my second book at the age of 18.
  • I have also delivered 4 TED Talks and a Josh Talk. I work as an International Youth Mentor, and am also award winning author of Two Books, a motivational speaker, with my critically acclaimed debut novel "A Celebration In Tribulation" that I've written at the age of 16. However, most interestingly I'd Say, I have recently also authored PANDEMIC 2020 - Rife of The Virus, world's first Fiction Novel on the ongoing corona virus outbreak. For this, i'm also being awarded with the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS for being the youngest to write a fiction novel on the COVID19. I have been awarded among the "Top 100 Inspiring Authors of India by The Indian Awaz", awarded with "Author of the Year" award by NE8x, nominee for "Best Debut Author" award by ICMDR, and also awarded with Global Young Leader Fellowship and TCC REX Karmaveer Chakra Award by iCOGNO in association with United Nations. 

Wao! Too many awards!! Who is your inspiration Yash?

  • Definitely my grandfather - My Nanaji, Shri Ram Ratan Awasthi, who is himself a renowned author of many Hindi novels, stories, plays and literary works, the most prominent of which is Alka Meghdoot that have inspired many. He has been a much respected academician in his early years. His passion for creativity and a will to narrate thought-provoking stories and concepts to the masses is what really inspires me. Since I was very young, I've been seeing him creating magic with his words in the field of Literature. That is, I think, what compelled me to write my now internationally acclaimed Internationally Awarded debut novel at a very young of 16 two years back as well. 

Where do you get strength to spread ideas to inspire and motivate thousands every day at this young age of 18?

  • Well, that is a wonderful question, I must say. For me it has always been about utilizing my potentials and putting forth my efforts towards impacting the society. When we talk about these achievements of mine, for me they come as a reminder about the role I am needed to play in this world; to drive social changes, instil the feeling of passion and enthusiasm in the hearts of people from all walks of life, and use my voice to take a stand for causes worthwhile. I never consider myself too young for any of my endeavors - be it my multiple TED talks, Josh Talk, or critically acclaimed novels at the age of 18. All that I feel is a sense of dedication towards what I am passionate about. 
  • Yash, can you tell us something about your latest novel, “Pandemic – 2020” Rife of Virus” which is also World's First Novel on Corona Virus Outbreak, If I'm Not mistaken?

  • Yes, exactly Suhani! That is true. PANDEMIC 2020 - Rife of The Virus is World's First Novel on Corona Virus Outbreak and my second book at the age of 18. PANDEMIC 2020 is my tribute to the unsung tales (not just the heroes, but the stories) from the on-going COVID19 Pandemic. We have four distinct yet interconnected tales narrated through my novel, Pandemic 2020. Huiqing - an impoverished boy in China, Alanna - a helpless doctor in the U.S., Terrell - a stranded traveller in Italy, and Yash - a blooming journalist in India. I felt the need to pen it down - to pay my tribute to the ones who fought and are still fighting against this yet-incurable flu through my words. That was the primary motivation to write Pandemic 2020.
  • How do you keep yourself busy during the time of covid-19 Lockdown?

  • Well, the COVID19 Lockdown period has been extremely busy for me, it has been like an unexpected "holiday-period" for many, but I experienced it to be quite the opposite for me. Firstly, as an International Youth Mentor, I was constantly delivering these International as well as national workshops, sessions, and talks almost regularly. Some of the highlights amongst the longlist of webinars that I was constantly delivering were being a Panellist at the GEN Z GLOBAL Global Summit, alongside speakers from US, UK, Canada, etc. Then, there was this session that I delivered to the people of South Africa - Nigeria, Ghana, Cameron, etc. I also delivered sessions for a start-up, the entire monetary profits of which went to the PM CARE Funds for COVID19 Relief. Then, the other half of the days were completely dedicated to working on my book, PANDEMIC 2020, written during and also about the coronavirus lockdown itself. And after writing it in less than One Month, I guess it's safe to say that a great amount of time and effort was invested on it as well, haha! So definitely, the lockdown has period worth pondering about, I must say.
  • I hope you know that 5 aircrafts of Rafael have been brought from France to India. So do you think it will be good for our Indian Air force?

  • This is definitely a topic worth discussing about. Our Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji has definitely revolutionized the IAF. Firstly, The Indian Air Force’s Combat Capability has got a much needed turbo-boost with the addition of Rafael fighter jets that came from from France. Their arrival acts as a reminder to all those with their eyes pointed on the territorial integrity of India that our nation will now stand strong and tall against all the invading forces.
  • Since you have such a remarkable opinion on the such important topics concerning our nation, what is your take on the New Education Policy 2020?

  • The New Education Policy 2020 is another delighting and hope-filling implementation by the Modi Government presently, which does impact the entire nation to a great degree. The best part of this new educational reform is how much it emphasizes on the importance of Vocational Studies from a grassroots level in a student’s life now. Sampling of important vocational crafts, such as carpentry, electric work, metal work, gardening, pottery making, etc., during Grades 6-8 as per the policy will contribute a great deal in making our youngsters - the leaders of tomorrow - creatively diverse and socially proactive to a great deal. All the other beneficial reforms within this Policy like the ones for Indian Language, Digital and Online Learning, new provisions for children with disabilities, etc. - all is very much praiseworthy. 
  • What message you would like to give to the youth like you and everyone?

  • I think self-doubt is perhaps one of the greatest issue that the youngsters are affected with. We have so many youngsters with so much potential. Yet, they doubt whether they're capable or good enough or not. And at the end, sometimes, they end up giving up on their own dreams and goals. As an 18 year old myself, I can assure you that our youngsters can do wonder. Just try, take that first step, and don't look just at "what was" but more on what "Can Be" - what all you can achieve in life if you simply take begin working towards all your latent capabilities. Secondly, we need a greater degree of inclination of our Youth Power towards the Heritage, Culture, and Society of our Indian Nation. From what I feel, our youngsters would only be able to lead our nation towards greater heights in future if the not just respect but also appreciate how rich, diverse, and exemplary the heritage and culture of our country has been. It is an integral part of who we are; it marks our uniqueness. That's what our Youngsters need to start valuing and appreciating as well. 


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