This Student Teaches Technology to Teachers for Online Teaching
| Maahi Yashodhar, Senior Correspondent, IOP, Delhi - 20 Dec 2020

Youngest To Conduct Training Sessions for Teachers

Exclusive Interview of Mohammad Azharuddin by Maahi Yashdhar

Mohammad Azharuddin Badekhanavar, a 16 Years old young National and International Record Holder student, hailing from a small district Bagalkot of Karnataka, is a grandmaster of Information Technology at such a small age. In April 2020, he set a World Record in the Information Technology category for programming ‘Most undetectable Android and Computer Viruses’. In November 2020, he set records in the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records and got the title, ‘YoungestToConduct Training Sessions for Teachers’ for helping out more than 4000 teachers all over the country in the Pandemic. He has successfully cleared many International level Cyber Security examinations and is one of the Cyber Security Experts of our country. Moreover, he has also attended many International Cyber Security conferences. He is also a Scholar of many Computer Programming languages and is a certified developer.

“I feel that the race to become successful in the present world begins the moment we enter into this world and the race remains until we enter the grave leaving inspirational footprints behind for many and that will actually be possible only by our noble works throughout our life. A lot of people in the world are born and are dying daily, but only a few remain in the heart of people even after leaving this world. So I will consider myself successful whenever I will be one of the legends,” says Mohammad Azharuddin, while talking to Indian Observer Post Correspondent Maahi Yashodhar.  Here are the excerpts:

Hi Azhar, the first thing we all are eager to know is, how did your journey of achievements begin? What is the complete story behind it?

I completed my Class 10 from an eminent institution of our country ‘Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan’ and I’m presently studying in Class 11at ‘Expert Group of Institutions (Mangalore)’. I started taking interest in Computers and Technology at a very small age, that is when I was of 8 years. I just used to sit in front of the Computer screen for hours together, playing with every option I saw, and doing so I have even crashed my PC several times at that age, and eventually, I used to get scoldings from my parents. But I never gave up! People usually learn from their own mistakes and probably I knew that. Soon I grew up along with the technological knowledge and later my achievements and glory started spreading all over. I used to see schools buying animated content from various companies, which I didn’t like! I believed that access to such wonderful animated content should be available for students free of cost so that it would be useful to strengthen the concepts.And I believe in doing it myself first rather than expecting it from others. So I started my own YouTube channel at the age of 10 where I uploaded Animated Educational Videos for Classes 6-10, which helped a lot of students and now presently my YouTube channel has 84,000+ views. My Educational materials were circulated in almost all the Kendriya Vidyalayas and soon my work in the field of education started being recognized by various higher officials of KVS and in the year 2018 and 2019, I was invited to take training courses and sessions for TGT & PGT teachers at KVS ZIET Mysore about Creation of Educational E-Materials. This is how my journey of ‘Teaching Teachers’ began. 

Wao! What an inspirational story!! By the way, Who is your inspiration Azhar?

To be honest, instead of looking for role models, I try to become one and even I’m working hard day and night for it. I would love to be an inspiration for people around me, for people struggling, for people with big goals, for people with big dreams, and for people with strong determination to succeed.

Unique answer! How did you get to know the problems faced by the Teachers during the pandemic? And How did you got an idea to Teach the Teachers?

Before answering this question, I want to make it crystal clear that I never taught teachers; rather I had just helped them all by sharing my knowledge to tackle the problems faced by them. I don’t think I’m capable to Teach Teachers. But Yeah! I can help them by being a student or being their son and that is what I did.

Well, Teachers are the most knowledgeable scholars in their respective subjects but sadly, when they are introduced to a new world (Technology) suddenly, then most of them usually end up facing problems and issues. My parents are also Teachers, so I actually knew it better that how much do Teachers have to struggle to cope up with Computers and Technology. Soon the pandemic began and work from home started; almost all the teachers were introduced to the Technology (Online Teaching). And soon after that, I started receiving calls, emails, DMs from many teachers asking for solutions for various problems that they were facing. That is how I got an idea to help all the teachers in need rather than just helping a few who had asked. And that’s how my initiative was born, and more than 4000 teachers joined my training sessions and got benefitted from whatever knowledge I had. And still, the Training sessions are going on.

Wao! That’s Great Azhar! So what response you got back from the Teachers?

Well, responses/ feedbacks doesn’t matter to me much because whenever I help somebody, I believe in helping them selflessly so their blessings are what actually matters to me a lot. So Yeah! I got all positive responses from all of them but I was on cloud nine when I received blessings and good wishes from each one of them. All of them appreciated my initiative, many applauded me for my hard work whereas few even said that I can be an inspiration to all the students of my age and younger than me.

So finally, what inspirational message you want to give to the Youth?

I think the youth of this generation has defined Technology in their own definitions and are following those self-made definitions which are resulting in many problems and failures in their life. Nowadays, every young student is having a smartphone/laptop but most of them are using them for chatting, gaming, and surfing. They are unaware of the feats they can achieve with the proper and positive usage of Technology. So I want to appeal to the youth to make use of Technology adequately, to learn various programming languages, to play with the Technology to improve it rather than wasting time in playing Video games.

Today, the definition of a Smart person is changed. The one who is brilliant in Technology is the one who is called Smart nowadays. So I just want all the youngsters of my nation to be called Smart and that is only possible when Youngsters will understand the importance of Information Technology and will take interest in pursuing their dreams in this field.  


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